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Tag Archives: Piazza dei Miracoli

10 Most Famous Piazzas in Italy

In a lot of ways, piazzas have always been the heart and soul of Italian cities. Not only are these large public squares usually surrounded by many of the cities’ grand architectural wonders and are a focal point for cultural activities, they are also popular spaces where locals and tourists alike take a breather from all the urban hustle and bustle. Granted, many of these piazzas have been silent witnesses to darker periods in history, but nowadays, they mainly serve as majestic temples to la dolce vita, a place where everyone can play, unwind, spend time with loved ones, shop, dine, be entertained, enjoy coffee, take in the surroundings, or simply contemplate things in the solitude of one’s own thoughts. In this article, we list the 10 most famous piazzas in Italy. Find out what makes each one of them special, and if you haven’t already, maybe someday, you’ll find […]


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