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Tag Archives: Trieste

Fantasy Itinerary to Italy: Trieste, Rome, Florence, Venice, Too?

This article about Trieste in last Sunday’s New York Times got me thinking about what my fantasy itinerary to Italy would be. (For the record, any mention of Italy triggers such fantasies!) I love to mix it up when I travel, get to the must-sees, the landmarks and famous sites, as well as meander and discover the nooks and crannies of a place, like the scarf shop in Bologna that was maddeningly closed when we strolled by. That’s right, a shop devoted exclusively to scarves. And after I discovered it was closed, it seemed that every woman walking down the street or whizzing by on a bicycle was sporting an exquisite scarf, wisps of silk and color floating through the languid Bolognese afternoon that reminded me I would not get back to that shop, at least not on this trip, as we were leaving the next day. These are the […]


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