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The Tipping Point to Booking an Italy Tour

What does it take for the stars to align to book a vacation, in this case, an Italy tour? It usually works like this. You carry around the idea in your head for ages. You don’t think about it each and every waking hour. You are reminded to book that Italy tour when you see a photograph of Venice in a magazine while waiting at the dentist office or strolling down the pasta aisle in the supermarket or chance upon a movie set in Italy, like Roman Holiday, with Audrey Hepburn, on the TV one quiet Saturday night.

You are reminded when Italy visits you in your dreams, sometimes in the form of a Tuscan landscape, other times, posing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Once you dreamed about an island that you think might have been Capri.

You mention the idea of a trip to Italy to your family and friends and the idea takes form. You start researching the trip, plotting out an actual itinerary. You check your calendar. You check your budget. You check your calendar again. Yes, those two weeks are perfect! Yes, we can book that tour to Italy! Your mind races with anticipation. What to see? What to pack? But wait. You’re putting the cart before the horse. You’ve still got to book your tour. And you pick up the phone, and you pick your package, and you book your Italian tour.

Now, the anticipation begins. And this is a delicious state, one that one writer calls “the infinite passion of expectation.” You’re going on a tour of Italy! You can’t let your romantic side take over your practical side. You make sure you’ve taken out travel insurance. You start putting together a packing list. (More on that to come.)

And what is your tipping point for booking an Italy tour?


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By Priscila Siano (265 Posts)

Priscila Siano is the Marketing Director of Tour Italy Now, an online tour operator specializing in Italy travel. She's a respected expert on making dream Italy vacations a reality for clients.

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