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8 Best Honeymoon Destinations for a Romantic Trip to Italy

Venice, Italy

Honeymoon is all about newlyweds starting a new life. And there is no better honeymoon destination on earth other than Italy that can satiate your longing. This European nation is blessed with ornate cityscapes, magnificent architecture, idyllic coastlines, and alluring highlands. Hence, Italy has a lot to offer couples with varying taste and interest. Take a gondola-ride, get lost in the vineyards, discover the timeless castles, explore the art galleries and the possibilities are endless. No wonder, this boot-shaped peninsula offer such experiences that you will relish for a lifetime. Here is a roundup of the 8 unforgettable honeymoon destinations where you can go on a romantic voyage with your spouse.


Couple-in-Rome | Tour Italy Now

The capital city of Rome is a beautiful amalgamation of old and new. It flaunts ancient ruins having a history dating back to the centuries. What could be better than visiting this wonderful city as a couple? Walk around the Vatican Museums loaded with Renaissance artifacts, witness Opera in a grand amphitheater, visit the alluring St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome is indeed a great destination packed with varying pleasures of life. Make sure to explore Trastevere, a friendly neighborhood that surprises visitors with bright-colorful buildings, charming streets and beautiful piazzas. ‘


Couple-in-Venice | Tour Italy Now

Set in the Venetian Lagoon, Venice is often regarded as a jewel on the Italian crown. Loaded with architectural gems, the ‘City of Canals’ exudes a dreamy aura that makes it perfect for an extravagant honeymoon. Be it the legendary gondola ride in the Grand Canal, walking across the 16th century Rialto Bridge or watching the stunning sunset on St. Mark’s Square, every experience is hand-woven for couples and unravels the raw beauty of Venice. Exploring this fancy paradise with the love of your life is nothing but sheer bliss that cannot be expressed in words. Also, when you are here sharing gelatos with your partner must be on top of your list.

Amalfi Coast

Couple-in-Amalfi-Coast | Tour Italy Now

A romantic trip to Italy can never be complete without getting a glimpse of the magical Amalfi Coast. It is an ultimate mixture of breathtaking coastlines, turquoise blue waters and relaxed romance that ignites the spark. If you are the adventurous couple, hike the ‘Path of the Gods’ that offer exquisite views of the Amalfi Coast. For some romantic time, head to the picturesque beaches of Ravello, Tordigliano, and Gavitella. The shoreline is outstanding and allows you to soak up the tropical vibe with your partner.

Island of Capri

Couple-in-Island-of-Capri | Tour Italy Now

The gorgeous island of Capri looks straight out of the fairyland. It is mesmerizingly beautiful brimming with scenic vistas and scented flowers. Go for a long walk with your soulmate at Anacapri, the highest point on the island. This pristine village is serene and it is a pleasure to meander through the narrow lanes dotted with artisan shops. You can spend a day relaxing at the beach with a drink in hand and proposing love to one another. Make sure to have a romantic dinner featuring island delicacies especially ravioli caprese.


Couple-in-Verona | Tour Italy Now

Lying on the Adige River, the medieval city of Verona is thronged by lovers across the globe. Verona has earned a romantic legacy through Shakespeare’s legendary Romeo and Juliet. Couples pose on the iconic balcony of Juliet’s house and leave a message on the walls. It is believed that stroking the right breast of Juliet’s statue will shower you with love and luck. Stroll hand in hand along the strikingly beautiful river, witness an Opera in an open-air amphitheater or explore some of the ancient sites, the love in the air makes everything perfect and beautiful. Verona is also a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site and indeed one of the most exquisite honeymoon destinations in Italy.


Couple-in-Naples | Tour Italy Now

For a typical Italian honeymoon, there is no better destination than Naples. It is one of the busiest cities in Southern Italy and flaunts exotic restaurants, plush shopping malls, and happening nightlife. With its close proximity to the beach, you can laze in the sun or enjoy a refreshing swim in the emerald water. The vibrant streets stand in contrast with the crumbling buildings covered in graffiti. Explore the urban landscape that boasts a rich history and teleport you to the bygone era. The historical neighborhood of Spaccanapoli is a maze dotted with vintage houses, enchanting palazzos and bustling squares that are favored by tourists as well as locals alike. No wonder, this absolutely mesmerizing city lets you immerse in a honeymoon like never before.


Couple-in-Cilento | Tour Italy Now

Cilento is one of the best-kept secrets in Italy that has a historical significance dating back to the centuries. This slice of heaven is not as popular as the Amalfi Coast, but its beauty is undeniably breathtaking. Untouched by the stress of commercialization, Cilento is an eclectic mix of rich Italian traditions where you can experience the local way of life. The natural allure makes it ideal for couples who want to spend tranquil moments with one another. This region is packed with charming towns and fascinating beaches with a national park backdrop. There are several walking trails through lush greenery that are serene yet compelling. It is the kind of place that will overload your senses with a peacefulness that you have been yearning for.


Couple-in-Tuscany | Tour Italy Now

Snuggled in the heart of Central Italy, Tuscany has never failed to astonish visitors with its spectacular landscapes and artistic masterpieces. The city flaunts the perfect setting for couples madly in love with one another. The hilltop hamlets, medieval villages, extraordinary vineyards, and golden beaches will definitely leave you in awe. Invite your lover for a walk along the cobblestone street and immerse in the color of love backed by the sweeping vistas. You can also spend a day with your partner in one of the thermal baths and relish the moment together. For some rustic experience, drive through the countryside and enjoy wine tasting in some of the finest wineries across Europe.

After reading this article, if you cannot think of any other honeymoon destination other than Italy, let us help you plan a dreamy Italian honeymoon!

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