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Top Five Wedding Spots in Italy

Couple Looking At Each Other In Wedding Day In Italy

Many couples dream of having a romantic European wedding and what better place to have one than in Italy. The country is filled with so many ideal wedding venues that it can be difficult to choose where you would want to hold the wedding. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed down the list to five of our favorite wedding spots that you can choose from.

Venice - Top 5 Wedding Spots in Italy

  1. Venice

Nothing says romance better than a wedding at the famed City of Bridges. There are many picture perfect spots in Venice where you can take magnificent photo ops with your significant other. Taking a gondola ride down the Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge in the background is a common part of many wedding couple’s agenda. The Palazzo Cavalli is a very popular place to hold civil wedding ceremonies, with its formal and elegant staircase as the ideal location. Venice also has many different churches, synagogues and secluded gardens that can accommodate more formal wedding ceremonies for various religions. As for the wedding reception, Venice has no shortage of hotels and even Renaissance palaces that can be rented for the occasion.

Tuscany - Top 5 Wedding Spots in Italy

  1. Tuscany

Tuscany offers a wide range of venues for couples to hold their weddings. Depending on the budget, it’s possible to have a grand wedding in one of the major cities like Florence or a small yet solemn ceremony at one of the many medieval castles that dot the countryside. Castles like the Castello di Modanella make for a charming backdrop, along with its 16th century church and a cluster of Tuscan farm houses that form the picturesque village. For a more rustic feel, there are also several villas that can serve as a good venue for wedding receptions.

The Outskirts of Rome - Top 5 Wedding Spots in Italy

  1. Rome Outskirts

If you’re looking for a quieter ceremony outside of the city, the outskirts of Rome has some quaint and rustic medieval villages that are perfect for a small wedding ceremony. Everyone can get a beautiful view of the Italian countryside, especially during the wedding reception. The village of Borgo di Tragliata is one of the more popular wedding venues since it has a church and can accommodate plenty of guests as needed.

Sicily - Top 5 Wedding Spots in Italy

  1. Sicily

Sicily has its share of wedding spots on its lovely island expanse. Want to hold the wedding in a medieval castle? There are many castles and palaces surrounding Taormina that can fit the bill. Want a seaside ceremony instead? The town of Taormina has an amazing view from its position above the cliffs, and the wedding itself can be held at one of its famous churches nearby. You can also expect the food to be just as amazing, due to Sicily’s proud tradition of cuisine.

Amalfi Coast - Top 5 Wedding Spots in Italy

  1. Amalfi Coast

If you’re the type of romantic that wants a breathtaking view to go with your wedding, then you can’t possibly go wrong with any of the many ideal locations along the Amalfi Coast. There are many small towns along the coast that have a gorgeous view of the coastline. This includes towns like Ravello and Positano, which have several churches and the perfect atmosphere to hold a festive wedding celebration by the sea. Just take care that the climb up some of these towns can be quite exhausting and not something for the faint of heart.

Married Couple At The Beach In Sorrento Coast.


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