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Top 5 Skiing Locations in Italy


With winter just around the corner, people are already breaking out their skiing gear and taking a look at some of their favorite places to hit the slopes. Italy is blessed with an impressive ski range, with the central core of the Dolomites taking the spotlight. In addition, the in-resort costs here are much more affordable compared to other resorts around Europe. And while Italy has many rival skiing destinations, it has a much more laid back atmosphere that many skiers – both casual and advanced – certainly appreciate.

In today’s video, we’ll be taking a look at what we consider as five of the best skiing destinations around Italy.

Skiing is truly a great way to enjoy the upcoming winter season. Whether you’re in it for the thrilling vertical slopes or just want to find a nice winter getaway with your family, Italy definitely has much to offer to skiers of all types.


Learn More About Skiing in Italy

When it comes to skiing, people tend to look for destinations in the Swiss and French Alps, without realizing that these are actually neighbors of the Dolomites, which is a mountain range located in northeastern Italy. These mountain ranges become winter wonderlands and the prime destinations for those who love skiing from November to April. This means that if you are planning a vacation in Italy sometime between these months, you should check out these 5 skiing destinations.

Passo Tonale – Called Tonale Pass in English, this high mountain pass is one of the best places to go if you are just beginning to learn how to ski. Located in the Province of Brescia, this ski resort is considered one of the most reasonably priced around. The costs for food, drinks, equipment, lift passes, and even ski instruction here are lower than any other in the area.

It is also one of the few Italian ski resorts that is sure to have snow from as early as October to as late as June, giving skiers lots of time to choose when to come here. If you are with beginners but want to try more challenging slopes, you can simply hop on a lift and head to nearby Temu and Ponte di Legno, which are great for more advanced skiers.

Corvara – For more intermediate slopes and a more sophisticated skiing adventure, Corvara is where you should go. Located in South Tyrol, in northern Italy, this ski resort is actually a small settlement with a little over 1,500 residents living here all-year-round. Also called Alta Badia by ski enthusiasts and residents alike, Corvara is where you can find great restaurants, luxury hotels, and majestic views.

If you want to see the Dolomites in a vibrant pink hue, wait for sunset and you will be rewarded with such a spectacular panorama that is breathtaking. As for the skiing, the slopes here are challenging for more advanced skiers and are pretty extensive, with 1220 km of tracks for you to enjoy.


Alagna – Located in the Province of Vercelli, the small commune of Alagna Valesia in the Valesia Alps is one of the most challenging ski resorts in Italy. The village is quaint with its stone church, wooden farmhouses, and old-fashioned way of life. People here rarely stay up after dinner, which means you will not find any semblance of nightlife in the area.

This is where you go if you want to push yourself when it comes to skiing since it is where you will get one of the most challenging tracks in the country. While blessed with only 15km of pistes, Alagna is still one of the best ski areas in the country, particularly for those who are looking for something that will push their skiing limits. Word of advice – if you are new to the place, it is best to hire a mountain guide to help you safely explore the mountain’s terrain.

Cervinia –Formerly known as Breuil, the ski resort of Cervinia is found in what is more popularly known worldwide as the Matterhorn, or the Monte Cervino. This is an Italian mountain range that has around 160 kilometers of pistes and some of the highest peaks around. The skiing season here stretches from November to May, giving you enough time to choose when to come over for a ski holiday.

Skiers here range in skill from beginner to intermediate, with a few slopes that may be worth exploring for those who want to test their skill. There are many great hotels and restaurants here, which make it a great choice for those who are looking to make their ski trip into a multi-faceted vacation.

Cortina d’Ampezzo – This ski resort in the Province of Belluno is considered one of the most sophisticated ski resorts in the country. Part of the Dolomite Superski area, the resort was the site for the 1956 Winter Olympics, with some of the facilities still existing albeit unused in the area. The pistes in the Cortina are ideal for intermediate to expert skiers, with some snowboarders enjoying these challenging tracks as well.

It is also a great place for those who want to combine night-clubbing with their love of skiing since Cortina is a party place at night, with a few nightclubs, highly-priced wine bars and restaurants for you to explore. It is also a great place to find unique antiques and fashionable apparel, which are available in the many shops that line the town’s main street.

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