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Tour Italy

Tour Italy Now’s Core Beliefs

Priscila in Italy | Tour Italy Now

Opened in 2002 and based in Connecticut, Tour Italy Now is recognized as one of Italy’s best tour operators. We specialize in Italy travel and aim at offering enriching travel experiences to millennials and gen Xers. Tour Italy Now offers escorted tours, hosted tours, as well as customized tours that are perfect for groups, families, and couples. We believe that choosing the right travel partner for your Italy tour forms the base of your experience. Our Core Beliefs Italy is not a destination but a passion. It is the kind of place where you should indulge in slow travel and make a deeper connection with the country and people. To know Italy better, you must visit the country not once but ideally multiple times. It will give you a new perspective and help improve your life. Italy is one of those countries that have a lot to teach the world. […]

8 Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Atrani, Campania

Blessed with a coastline of 7600 kilometers, Italy boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pretty seaside hamlets, striking blue waters, glittering sand, and limestone cliffs, you will find everything here. These Italian beaches echo calmness and tranquility yet a cozy environment and the most exotic landscapes. Walking barefoot on the silvery sand and watching the waves splashing, soothes the mind and the soul. Here is our list of the best beaches in Italy that will give you a holiday like never before. 1. Spiaggia Dei Conigli, Lampedusa Spiaggia Dei Conigli, the most beautiful beach in Italy is commonly known as Rabbit Beach. Away from the stress of commercialization, this beach is located on the tiny island of Lampedusa (between Libya and Sicily). It boasts of the bluest waters blanketed with white sand and a rocky coastline. The contrasting landscape is the finest example of stark natural […]

How to Plan a Trip to Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It charms tourists with breathtaking architecture, irresistible food, enticing art, and picturesque landscapes. In fact, this dream destination has endless possibilities that are exquisite and interesting. Italy is warm and welcoming that can make every holiday memorable. However, planning a trip especially for the first time takes lot of effort. Tour Italy Now is here to help you with everything so that you can get the best out of your Italian vacation. Things to see around Italy There is a lot to see in Italy but if you are running short of time, consider exploring Rome, Venice, and Florence. These cities are packed with attractions that can fill in your travel itineraries. Rome boasts of the historic ruins, Venice is known for its enchanting waterways and Florence flaunts absolutely alluring art galleries. If you want to experience Italy beyond the […]

A Guide to Italy’s Top Wine Regions & Tours

Group Wine Tour | Tour Italy Now

Italy is the home to some of the best wine-producing regions in the world. With its wine-making traditions dating back to the centuries, food and wine play a very integral role in every Italian meal. The country boasts over 500 wine varietals that are grown in every region. The boot-shaped peninsula is a leader in wine consumption and often competes with France who is one of the top producers of wine across the globe. Hence, a wine holiday in Italy is a must. Here are a few resources that will help you to explore Italian wineries like a boss! Determine what kind of tour you prefer Before you are planning for a wine tour in Italy, it is important to determine how much time you have and which all regions you are willing to explore. Then you need to look into the budget and what kind of wine tour interests […]

Travel Guide 2020: Exploring Italy by Train

Frecciabianca train on station in Venice

Whenever the name Italy is mentioned, our minds sway to Rome and the sovereign Vatican City. To a certain degree, we cannot help it, because these are the world’s greatest travel destinations. However, Italy has a lot of other amazing locales that you shouldn’t miss when you’re here for a vacation. Places like Florence, Venice, Tuscany, and Milan all have their unique charm, culture, food, and art that are distinct from the rest of Italy. The only problem is getting from one tourist attraction to the other. The distance is huge and the cost of car rentals and gas in Italy are usually higher than those in the United States. Also, the traffic is nerve-racking and you probably don’t want to drive during a vacation. Thus, exploring Italy by car may not be the perfect option. If you are looking for a faster, more relaxed and more practical way of […]

Solo Travel in Italy : The Ultimate Guide for Single Traveler’s

Solo Female Tourist in Italy

Packed with 47 UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites and plenty of adventures, Italy is the dream destination for many tourists and travelers alike. However, the country is not always about cozy Vespa rides and romantic gondola rides. It has a lot more to offer. If you are a solo traveler bitten by the travel bug, Italy is fun yet so much comforting. It is one of the most quintessential destinations in the world that will leave you awestruck with its striking aura. Wander around the country that is brimming with hidden gems and let your heart drift into oblivion. The joys of solo travels are many. Not only you get to interact with interesting people, but you also have the complete freedom and flexibility to plan your days and pace. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, put on a pair of big sunglass and embark on an Italian adventure. There are […]

Customized, Escorted, or Hosted Travel Tour? How to Choose the One That’s Right for You!

Exploring Italy Alone

Going to Italy for your vacation is something you generally don’t do on a whim. It is something you usually plan so that you get the most out of your trip. Italy is, after all, one vacation destination that you wouldn’t want to mess up with mistakes and delays. To make your trip truly memorable, you need to choose the right one from the many travel options you are presented with. Here at Tour Italy Now, we believe in giving you the best possible trip to Italy, which is why we have a few trip packages and types for you to choose from. These include our customized, escorted, and hosted travel tours. Find the right type of tour that will fit your very specific needs from these three. Determining whether you want a customized, escorted, or hosted travel tour is vital, as this is what helps to ensure that you […]

Which Is Better: Group Tours or Private Tours?

Going on tours can be a great way to experience the new country you’re exploring, or it can devolve into an irreversible, unenjoyable disaster. Before you book that tour, isn’t it best to be duly informed beforehand? Today we are going to talk about the different kinds of tour packages available and the advantages and disadvantages of each one so that you can decide on the tour that’s right for you. For the purposes of this article, we’ll differentiate tours into two categories: private tours and group tours. A private tour is run exclusively for the customer and his family, or friends, or small groups of the same affiliation like a school group or a delegation from a corporate event. It does not include strangers or other tourists in your party. A group tour on the other hand is a collection of people from different parties who may be strangers […]

Five Must-Visit Trattorias in Rome


A trattoria in Italy is a casual eating establishment, one that serves mid-priced quality food and offers a comfortable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world without. More often than not, trattorias (or trattorie) are family-run establishments, which makes them less formal than many ristoranti. A lot of visitors love them because they are unpretentious, providing a relaxed atmosphere to diners as well as a variety of dishes depending on what produce are in season at the moment. If you haven’t had the chance to visit Rome yet but you are planning to go there soon, do check out the trattorias we have on this list. Take note that it is always best to make a reservation so that you can be sure you’ll have a seat when you visit. Hostaria Romana The Hostaria Romana, located on Via del Boccaccio, is well-known among Romans, but it has somehow […]

Sagra Delle Fragole: A Sweet Strawberry Festival

Lake Nemi

In Italy, many small towns and comuni in rural areas hold festivals known as sagre. These sagre are held in honor of ancient traditions or organized as pageants celebrating local culinary specialties. Many are also held when a local produce is in season. From olive oil, pasta, and wine to pastries, vegetables, and fruits, these products bring income and sustenance to the communities and thus are a source of pride for the locals. Some 19 miles southeast of Rome, in the comune of Nemi, a sagra dedicated to strawberries is celebrated every late spring and early summer. This hillside town overlooking a lake of the same name has long been famous for its rich volcanic environment, which produces some of the sweetest strawberries in all of the Mediterranean. These strawberries come from the surrounding forests and are locally known as frogoline di bosco (wild strawberries). The Sagra Delle Fragole, as […]