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Valentines Day in Italy

If you want to try something new for Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate it in Italy? Valentine’s Day in this country of romance is a big deal, and this is because the history of this particular holiday actually begins in Italy. This day of love comes from an old Roman Empire tradition and celebration in honor of Juno, the Roman Goddess of Women and Marriage.


Lucchetti dell’Amore - Padlocks of Love

Lucchetti dell’Amore – Padlocks of Love

Called Lupercalia in the old days, it was then changed to La Festa Degli Innamorati and Giorno di San Valentino in 496 AD by the church. This is a festival that also celebrates the day of the martyrdom of San Valentino, who was a bishop in Umbria. Why Saint Valentine for this day of love? There are many stories that tell of his secret weddings for couples who were otherwise restricted from marrying.

Why Italy for Valentine’s Day?

The question you should be asking is, why not? There are many things you and your better-half can do and enjoy on this day of love in the country that is enamored with love. Here are some things you can consider:

Lover’s in Camogli

Located in Liguria, Camogli has a yearly festival to honor this day of love. Aside from the usual romantic lunches and dinners that you can have at the many restaurants in this town, you can also experience their annual Piatto di San Valentino competition where amazing painted plates are judged by the public. The best plate can be chosen from a selection that is lined along the seafront.

Verona in Love

What better place is there for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day in than in the city where Romeo and Juliet’s romance blossomed? While the story of the two star-crossed lovers did not end well, yours can take a different turn and become an epic one with a day spent touring the many locations where the story unfolded. The city itself embraces this day of love with red decorations, with the neighborhoods competing in a decoration competition. To top it all off, there is the heart shaped red carpet area in the heart of the city where mementos for the day are sold and the celebration stretches from a single day to four days.

Lucchetti dell’Amore

Translated as Locks of Love in English, this tradition consists of lovers placing a padlock with their names on it on railings, bridges, or lampposts, and throwing the key away to signify that their love will last forever since it can never be unlocked. While this is now considered something of a crime in some Italian cities, the appearance of these locks on bridges, posts, and railings still seem to continue. This just shows that love will continue to conquer all and gestures of love will still be enacted despite the restrictions placed on it.

Traditional Roman Valentine’s Day

If you want to celebrate this day of love the traditional way, you will want to indulge in the usual flowers and dinner route with your loved one. There are many restaurants that have special menus for this day, with the emphasis on enhancing the love that couples have on this day. To continue with the traditional route, giving chocolates to your loved one should also be done with Perugina’s Baci. This is the Italian counterpart of the Hershey’s Kiss (baci after all means “kisses” in Italian).

Perugina Baci - Italian Chocolate Kisses

Perugina Baci – Italian Chocolate Kisses

Whatever you choose to do when you spend Valentine’s Day in Italy, the mere fact that you chose the most romantic of all countries to spend it in with your better-half will go down in history as a grand romantic gesture. Customizing your trip in order to get the most out of this love holiday will also make this plan work better. The inclusion of some of the most love-filled locales into your itinerary will end up making it a grand love holiday indeed.

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By Priscila Siano (266 Posts)

Priscila Siano is the Marketing Director of Tour Italy Now, an online tour operator specializing in Italy travel. She's a respected expert on making dream Italy vacations a reality for clients.

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