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What an Italy Tour Can Teach You!

Venice, Italy

Italy is an amazing destination known for its picturesque landscapes, spectacular architecture and scrumptious food. The Italian culture is easy-going and the people have a positive outlook towards life. Hence, you cannot completely agree with the fact that Italy is luxurious, but it is slow-paced and family-centric. No wonder, there are so many reasons to fall in love with this beautiful nation and its people.

Here are 10 things that you can learn after an Italy trip

  1. Slow Down and Unplug

  2. When you are traveling to Italy, take note of the local people. They take things slow and enjoy at their own pace. They firmly believe that a less stressful existence is possible in this world and you will never find them rushing. The scenario is very different when compared to the United States. Italians take time, lean back and soak up every vibe. If you observe, you will notice that the people who are always in a rush are the tourists. Hence, it is necessary to take the lead from the locals and live life to the fullest.

  3. Meeting New People is Fun

  4. If you are an introvert traveling solo in Italy, it is more likely that you will make new friends without taking the big move. Italians are the friendliest people that you will come across and they enjoy inviting tourists in their community. In case you are speaking a few words in the Italian language, they will be highly impressed and would love to bond with you. You will be left wondering why you were even worried in the first place.

  5. Eating the Right Food is Important

  6. Italians are very particular about their diet and the food they eat. They do not like the idea of overindulging and are extremely particular with the food they eat. Eating is an art and the people living in this nation believe it. There are numerous food options in Italy and there are great alternatives in case you have allergies and intolerance. Each of the cities has its specialty – Naples is known for its pizza, Bologna for the spaghetti and Rome for Bucatini Amatriciana. Try eating some of the specialties and you will have your favorites in no time.

  7. Order a Full ZPizza for Yourself

  8. Pizza, Italy

    Pizza is often regarded as the guilty pleasure in Italy and ordering a full pizza for oneself is common. Sit down at a restaurant and gorge into an entire pizza. At first, you might feel awkward but it is guaranteed that you will be able to finish the whole thing. However, the pizza toppings are different in this country and asking for a Pepperoni Pizza means you will be getting a pie covered in bell peppers.

  9. Gelatos and ice-creams are not the same

  10. Gelatos are synonymous to Italy and having this frozen wonder is a form of art. And yes, ice-creams and gelatos are very different except the fact that both of these are desserts. Gelatos are dense and made with more milk rather than cream, the exact opposite of ice-creams. Your Italian holiday will be full of authentic gelato flavors and it will be next to impossible to switch to ice-creams after this indulgence. Check out this post, if you want to know more about the creamy gelatos in Italy.

  11. Sipping a glass of Italian wine is the norm

  12. Group Wine Tour | Tour Italy Now

    Italy boasts some of the most exotic wines across the globe and sipping a glass of wine is a must in this country. According to an Italian, meals are incomplete without indulging in wine. Having a bottle or two at home is obvious and practically every member of the family drinks it. Wine is not only the national drink but it is an emotion for the people living here.

  13. Having family members nearby is awesome

  14. Staying in the same locality with extended family is usual in Italy. Grandparents, children, siblings, and other family members love staying close to one another and gatherings are welcoming. Unlike Americans, who often shifts and settles down somewhere for job or education. Family traditions are deeply valued in the Italian culture and enjoying a weekly family dinner is the norm.

  15. Spend time outdoors

  16. Piazza, Italy

    Hanging out at the Piazzas is the ideal way for an Italian to relax and feel rejuvenated. These are the vibrant social hubs where numerous people gather and spend time outdoors. You will find children playing, friends having fun and of course the tourists enjoying the sight. The locals also love the authentic outdoor markets that have everything, from food to clothing, wine, and accessories. Wandering at a Mercato is one of the best things that you can only find in this country.

  17. Pause and have fun

  18. When you are in Italy, you will understand the concept of relaxing and having fun. Italians love to have a great time and always take time out of their week to indulge in simple pleasures. For them, having fun is a part of life that they cannot afford to miss. And frankly, not many cultures can commit to having fun just like the Italians. So during your Italy tour, whether you are sightseeing, attending a concert or a festival, get out of the comfort zone and enjoy.

  19. Maintaining a good public image is necessary

You will never find an Italian getting drunk in public spaces or not dressing appropriately at the dinner table. This is because; they are very particular about their social image. It is a way of life and much more than looking good in front of everyone. Their main emphasis is on etiquettes and humble behavior.

You can book a memorable Italian vacation through Tour Italy Now escorted tours and leave all the planning to the experts. The packages are carefully crafted to be fun, informative and entertaining.

Have you ever traveled to Italy? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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By Priscila Siano (266 Posts)

Priscila Siano is the Marketing Director of Tour Italy Now, an online tour operator specializing in Italy travel. She's a respected expert on making dream Italy vacations a reality for clients.

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