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8 Most Amazing Things To Do in Rome at Night

Colosseum, Rome

The nation’s capital Rome is arguably one of the most spectacular cities in Italy. Tourists flock to this region to admire the architectural masterpieces, taste the scrumptious food, wander around the bustling streets and witness the exquisite art. But have you ever fantasized exploring Rome at night? Georgina Masson in her 1965 guidebook ‘Companion Guide to Rome’ advised first-time visitors to explore this remarkable city at night.

What exactly to do in Rome at night?

Answer to this question is here in our list to make the most of your holiday in Rome particularly at night. From exploring iconic attractions to walking around friendly neighborhoods, there are some of the best things that you can do here after sundown.

Explore Vatican City

Getting a closer look at the Vatican Museums is a one in a kind experience and adds more meaning if you have already explored it in broad daylight. There are lesser tourists and the gracious structures are at their most impeccable state. The Sistine Chapel and the museums look dramatic and its beauty is unbeatable. Night tours of the Vatican Museums are available throughout summer but only on Fridays. The tour gives ample opportunity to listen to the history and admire the artworks at your own pace. Your Vatican tour would be incomplete without entering the majestic Sistine Chapel. Enjoy a guided excursion on a Friday evening when the crowd has started thinning out.

Walk around St. Peter’s Square

St. Peter's Square, Rome

St Peter’s Basilica is regarded as one of the most sacred Catholic shrines across the globe. This magnificent church is built on the tomb of St. Peter and is a must-see attraction in Rome. To experience this charming edifice at its best, stroll around St. Peter’s Square at night when there is a fewer crowd. Start walking along Ponte Sant’ Angelo towards the Way of Conciliation, here you will find several statues that look gorgeous. Make sure to pass by the historical sites of the Egyptian obelisk of Caligula, Prefecture of the Papal and Bernini Fountain and you will finally reach the Twin Fountain. If you are a lover of history and art, this is a nice activity that you can engage in.

Admire the Colosseum

Built in 70 AD, Colosseum or the Flavian Amphitheater was the heart of the Roman Empire where gladiatorial contests were held. Today, it is one of the most visited landmarks in Rome. But exploring this iconic gem at night is a whole new experience. The Colosseum shines bright in the darkness and the mere sight will delight your senses. If this is your first visit, you can opt for a guided night tour. But if you have already visited the site during the day, take time to soak up the irresistible charm of the surroundings and admire the splendid architecture that glitters in the night sky. The ancient monument with the glowing facade looks picture-perfect and its beauty cannot be expressed in words. Many rooftop restaurants offer the mesmerizing view of the Colosseum. Hence, you can indulge in a sumptuous meal while relishing the incredible sight.

Visit the Trevi Fountain and make a wish

Trevi Fountain, Rome

With a height of 85 feet, Trevi Fountain is a true masterpiece that stands erected against the Palazzo Poli. It is one of the most popular attractions in Rome that is always filled with people be it tourists or locals. If you want to toss a coin in the fountain and make a wish, visiting the site is recommended after sunset. There are very few people around, hence you won’t be distracted. Also, you get to savor an uninterrupted view of this exquisite travertine fountain. The pictures that you take at night might be different from the ones taken during the daytime, but the memory that you will create is worth cherishing.

Spend a night in Trastevere

Rome’s nightlife is undeniably happening but for that, you need to visit the right place. Dotted with artisan shops, small markets, and cozy trattorias, the laidback neighborhood of Trastevere comes alive at night. Here you can absorb the local lifestyle and feel the essence of old Rome. Meander through the narrow lanes at night time and discover the hidden treasures of Trastevere. There are wine bars and restaurants at every corner of the street where you can chill and grab some exotic food and drinks. For a more relaxing experience, head to the neighborhood of Pigneto that is usually favored by the locals.

Watch a football match

If you are a football lover, never miss watching a match in Rome. The city takes pride in two of its principal football teams, Lazio and Roma and watching the live match at night is often considered a great activity. Both the teams play at the Olympic Stadium throughout the year but the evening matches are all the more interesting. It is one of the most happening activities to do in Rome especially if you are traveling with your family. While heading to the Olympic Stadium, stop by the interactive Video Game Museum that tells the history of video games.

Shop near the Spanish Steps

Similar to the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps are notoriously crowded at day time. This place is quite deserted after sunset where you sit and embrace the tranquil surrounding. Shopping near the Spanish Steps is one of the popular activities for the tourists as well as the locals. The area is lined with several shops and boutiques that remain open until late at night. You can either indulge in a shopping spree or watch people passing by. There are also a few quiet streets near the main shopping zone where you can go for a pleasant walk with your partner.

Watch an Opera show at Teatro dell’ Opera Di Roma

Opera Show, Italy

The iconic Teatro dell’ Opera Di Roma is one of the best places to visit in Rome at night particularly for an opera fan. The historic opera house was opened in 1880 and can accommodate over 2000 people at a time. It hosts some of the finest opera performances that are worth admiring. Some of the favorite classics include Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Carmen and many more. Teatro dell’ Opera Di Roma indeed offers a great opportunity to witness fantastic shows right in the heart of the city’s popular landmark.

Let us know in the comments, have you ever discovered Rome at night?

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