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Events in Italy – Add Magic to Your Vacation

Events in ItalyEvents in Italy – From Venice Carnival to Easter Mass in St Peter’s Square

Traveling through the Italian countryside will show you a side of Italy that you might only have imagined until now. Wandering the streets of famous cities like Rome, Venice, Florence or Milan will reveal much more about this country that wears it’s culture like a bejeweled cloak, sparkling it’s colors in the sunshine!

If you are visiting Italy to experience everything the country has to offer, visiting is a must. The array of events on the calendar in Italy this year is outstanding. Whether it’s the excitement of Venice Carnival; experiencing the musical excellence of Opera in Verona; fulfilling a spiritual dream of attending Easter Mass in St Peter’s Square; or the pure indulgence of the Chocolate Festival in Perugia, there are a huge range of event based experiences to be had in Italy! Wherever you plan to visit and whichever region of Italy you choose to explore, you will find an event (perhaps more than one!) that can be easily added to your itinerary.

Take a look at this list of events in Italy and start planning your most rewarding travel experience right now!

  • Sant Agata di Catania – February 3rd to 5th
  • Viareggio Carnival – February 5th – March 3rd (Sunday Parades)
  • The Battle of the Oranges (Ivrea) – End of February
  • Venice Carnival – February & March (40 days before easter, ends on Fat Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday)
  • Sa Sartiglia Oristanese (Oristano, Sardinia) – February (Sunday to Fat Tuesday of Carnival)
  • Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square (Rome) – Easter Sunday
  • Maggio Musicale Fiorentina (Florence) – April 30th & May 1st
  • Festival of Sant Efisio (Cagliari) – May 1st
  • Genzano Infiorata (Genzano) – Second Week in May
  • Corsa dei Ceri (Gubbio) – May 15th
  • Calcio storico (Florence) – 3rd Week of June
  • Festa di San Giovanni Battista (Florence) – June 24th
  • Gioco del Ponte (Pisa) – Last Saturday in June
  • Festival dei Due Mondi (Spoleto) – June to Early July
  • Opera Festival in Verona – June 17th to September 3rd
  • Il Palio di Siena – July 2nd & August 16th
  • Giostra del Saracino (Arezzo) – First Sunday in September
  • Regata Storico (Venice) – First Sunday in September
  • Giro di Lombardia (Lake Como) – Late September
  • Perugia’s Chocolate Festival – Mid to Late October
Whatever the Italian special event you most want to experience, we can help you get there. Contact us today at Tour Italy Now and let us add a little extra magic to your Italian travel experience!