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Italian Cities

Milan, Italy – Best known by some as the fashion capital of Italy and by others as Italy’s most important financial center, Milan is a busy, crowded city that nonetheless offers an appeal to travelers of all ages.

Rome, Italy – You may find that the choice of sites to visit during your stay in Rome is mind-boggling and if you’re traveling with companions, you may find that everyone wants to go in a different direction!

Florence, Italy – Truly the artistic center of the beautiful Tuscan region, the cultural and historical significance of Florence is huge.

Livorno, Italy – Some travelers have described the port city of Livorno as a sort of blue collar Venice, as the town boasts many beautiful canals and the local seafood is said to be second-to-none.

Venice, Italy – True romantics have long flocked to the floating city of Venice, with its gondolas, elegant villas and piazzas, and its incredible history.

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