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Italy Apartment Rental

Buying Property in ItalyImagine unlocking the door to your very own rented apartment in Rome, Florence, or any other amazing Italian city, town, or beach. For the length of your stay you can feel as if you too are living in these spectacular cities, like the many locals you see in the building or at the corner grocery store. Renting an apartment in Italy during your holiday will give you a chance to experience Italy like you live there, learning the ins and outs of your neighborhood and, most likely, not wanting to go home when your vacation has ended.

Apartments in Italy can vary between large and small and can have a range of amenities. They are great for families and friends traveling together who want to be in the heart of the city, in a quaint small town, or right on one of Italy’s most lovely beaches. That said, apartments are also perfect for couples and singles too who don’t want to mess with the noisy goings ons of hotels. Actually there’s no reason not to want to rent an apartment during your dream vacation to Italy.

There are lots more options if you choose to stay in an apartment over a hotel. For one thing, you don’t have to eat every meal in a restaurant as apartments come equipped with kitchens. Italy’s markets are among the best in world. Join the locals discerning the perfect puntarella (if you’re in Rome during the winter) or fagiolini and pomodori (if it’s the summer). Then there’s all the cured meats like prosciutto and salami, delicious cheeses, and crusty breads that you can cart to your apartment to fix up a light lunch. The butchers and fishmongers are also at your service. Pick up some calamari, fry it, and you won’t be let down. Honestly, it’s fresher than in restaurants, and in Italy, that’s saying it was caught just a little later that morning.

An apartment rental can put you right where you want to be in the city of your choice. If you’re coming to Rome, why not stay a stone’s throw from the Colosseum and Forum. If we were you we’d choose the centro storico, or historic center, where the most beautiful buildings are located. If you’re in Florence, why not sleep with a view of the Duomo? Or take a place on the River Arno and watch the lights sparkle in the waters at night. In Venice, pick an apartment overlooking its romantic canals. You certainly won’t regret it.

But apartments are also an excuse to get off the beaten path. They allow you to choose an area of town that’s not so flooded with tourists to heighten your experience of being a local. Or stay in a quaint hilltown like Montalcino in Tuscany where the views out your window will be green rolling hills and your nights will be swimming in Brunello. A favorite option, shared by Italians too, is renting an apartment on the beach for a week or so during the summer. The independence and nearness to the Mediterranean’s cerulean waters will soothe your body and soul, and you really might not want to go home. We never do!

The possibilities are endless!