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Italy Articles

The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Regarded widely as one of the greatest wonders of the world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is situated in the city of Pisa, Italy. Italy has an important place in the history of the world, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa just adds more to the country’s rich history. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was originally built as a marble campanile, or bell tower, for Pisa’s cathedral, located in the ‘Campo dei Miracoli’.

Touring Italy’s Big Three on Your Italian Trip
Visiting Italy will always be an unforgettable experience, but those heading to this amazing country for the first time should be sure to hit all the major highlights before returning home, armed with hundreds of pictures, souvenirs, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Living It Up in Liguria and Italian Riviera
For more than a century, international travelers have recognized the warmth and beauty of Italy’s famed Liguria region and the magnificent Italian Riviera.

Easter in Italy – Choose Your Favorite Easter Tradition
For the citizens of Italy, largely a Roman Catholic people, Easter – “Pasqua” – is a very special time of year. It is, by far, the most sacred of all Christian holidays and, for most Italians, truly a reason to rejoice.

Discover the Beauty of Tuscany Italy
Every time I write about Tuscany Italy, my heart and my whole body for that matter experiences an intense feeling of calmness. I know exactly that this feeling comes from the relaxed atmosphere that this part of Italy near Florence gives off. I have found a perfect balance of enjoying the fascinating city of Florence and its cultural activities at the same time I refurbish energy by either doing a farm holiday or staying in a luxury villa in the countryside of Tuscany.

Don’t Miss These Sights in Italy
Italy is a breathtakingly beautiful country that will always be one of the highlights for anyone’s travel to Europe. It has everything from the impossibly blue Mediterranean Sea to the spectacular Alps, with fabulous food at every stop along the way. And while you are there, you can’t help but trip over history with every step you take.

Italy Cruise Guide
History, wine, serene beauty, dramatic people and stunning views an Italy cruise has it all! You can visit the main sites of Italy on a European cruise or a Mediterranean cruise, but to really experience Italy – to really taste it – you need to immerse yourself in everything that Italy has to offer by taking an Italy cruise.

Italy the Art of Good Living
Most people’s perception of Italy is that of style, a country whose taste for the good life is matched only by its panache. The food is full of flavor, created with a desire to serve nothing but the best.

Private Holiday Homes vs Hotels
Vacationing in Italy is a dream come true for so many Americans. Those who have Italian heritage often wish to see where their families originated. Those who have no Italian lineage still look upon Italy as one of the foundations of Western civilization. Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Florence, Umbria, Chianti, San Gimignano, Siena, Orvieto, Todi, Assisi, Spleto and Montepulciano are all legendary to those of us raised in the ‘new world’ and for many are simply places we’ve read about in our school books, or seen on television or in the movies.

Touring Rome and Venice
Where does one begin to start when discussing Italy. Well, if you intend to travel there, Rome and Venice are good places to start.

Palio di Siena
Italy has many well-known travel destinations such as Rome. Less publicized destinations such as Siena are even better.

Things to See in Florence Italy
Italy has many well-known travel destinations such as Rome. Less publicized destinations such as Siena are even better.

Tips for Italy Travel
Located in Southern Europe, Italy is a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia. When traveling to Italy it is important to remember that you are not at home, so always be respectful and conservative.

Tuscany Italy – An Introduction to the Magic of Tuscany
Tuscany, Italy is the place that movies are filmed and fantasies run wild. Perhaps it is the cities of Florence, Pisa, or Livorno that invoke feelings of culture, art, or arouse the senses to the smells and taste of the Chianti region. The fact is that Tuscany is home to some of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy. It is here that budding artists come to learn from the masters. It is here that the world of fashion takes it cues. And it is in Tuscany that romantics rekindle the flame and celebrate their love.

Rome Alternative Itineraries To Explore
“Have Bike, will Travel” Bicycle is the best way to see Rome. For a relaxing day with hardly any walking, go to Villa Borghese and rent a bicycle for two (or four). Villa Borghese is truly the center of Rome, the place where everyone comes to relax on a sunny day. In the center of the park, by viale dei Puppazzi is Café L’Orologio, an old-fashioned, under the trees café.

The Shocking Simplicity Of Buying Online Travel!
What ever happened to the “travel-agent”? They seem to be plenty scarce these days. I think we all remember who they are – or were. Before leaving the country you consulted one. After recently experiencing the shocking simplicity of purchasing online travel for myself, it dawned on me: the future of tourism has arrived. And the travel agent is dying if not dead.

Italy Weather Is As Gorgeous As Italy Itself
Italy weather is renowned for being as beautiful as Italy itself. The country measures 600 miles from the Alps to Sicily, so one might imagine that Italy weather is varied. But like most of Europe, Italy weather tends to be more moderate than the extremes found in the US. Americans who travel Europe in summer are pleasantly surprised by the non-humid and generally comfortable nature of Italy weather.

Tour Italy Now Is A Leading Italy Tour Company
Tour Italy Now is more than just a travel company. It was created by people who are passionate about Italy vacations, and who are interested in enlightening travelers on the country’s art, architecture, history, culture, food and wine. Tour Italy Now brings you the best in Italy vacations, introducing you to less familiar areas of the country in addition to some of those with which you may already be familiar.

Italy Travel Tips
You’ve planned for weeks and months and now your dream to travel Italy is almost a reality. Here are a few handy pointers to help make your adventures go more smoothly.

Travel Italy With Kids
Here are some of the many things your kids will love as you travel Italy with them: Cool Cars. You’ll notice when you travel Italy that your kids love Italian cars like Maseratis, Alfa Romeos, Lamborghinis.

Cortona: Tuscan Jewel of Fine Art and Living
The last weekend of June my wife and I went to Cortona, a lovely town located in Southern Tuscany, nestled on the side of a gently rising mountain side. Cortona represents an important historical and cultural center in Tuscany, as it used to be one of the hubs of the Etruscan empire. Nowadays Cortona is a small jewel in Tuscany and a popular cultural center.

All About Traveling To Rome Italy
When considering a trip to Europe, Italy is often one of the main places of interest. In particular, Rome is a really popular destination and it is packed full of history. So if you are looking to go on an interesting vacation which is packed with plenty of ancient ruins and places of interest then Rome is certainly a place which you should consider.

Italian Real Estate – A Guide to Buying Property in Italy
An increasing number of foreign nationals have taken to purchasing real estate in Italy over the course of the past fifteen years. The increase in real estate purchases in Italy by foreign nationals really took off following the integration of Europe into the EU. With the advent of the European Union, more and more foreign nationals began purchasing different types of real estate within Italy. This included commercial, residential and speculative investment purchases by foreign nationals.

Florence Italy and its impressive History
Florence Italy and its impressive Florence History – UffiziOnce the great center of the Florence Renaissance, Florence Italy is one of the world’s most artistic & architecturally beautiful cities, with countless Florence museums and galleries packed with masterpieces, and with fabulous shopping and tremendous cuisine and restaurants.Hosteria Cane e Gatto Will Have You Barking and Purring
“I think this was the best meal of my life,” Lorraine announces, putting down her fork for the final time. This lawyer from Washington, D.C. seems surprised yet sure of her statement. One by one, the rest of us think for a moment (going over the Michelin-starred restaurants we have visited and the pricey expensive account meals we have eaten) and agree — definitely one of the best, if not the best meal we had ever had.

Italian Shopping Outlets – Shopping Tour of Italy
The buildup is intense. First you have to find the Prada Outlet (officially called Space) among the nondescript buildings in the town 45 minutes from Florence. The high-fashion designer doesn’t put any sign on the warehouse where it operates its outlet, and the directions it gives out aren’t much help either.

Tour Rome in 48 Hours
As a private tour guide, I have often been faced with this question. “Where do we go? What do we see? We don’t have much time but want to see everything. Is that all there is?” To really visit and know Rome takes more than a few hours, days, months or even years. I stand to sound cliche’ but Rome truly wasn’t built in one day. In fact, its several eras of history sandwiched together, and every day I find something I haven’t seen before or knew existed.