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All About Traveling To Rome Italy

All About Traveling to Rome Italy

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe is Rome in Italy and this is with good reason. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a cultural heritage that spans centuries, and lots of things for you to see and do. Not only is Rome a place where you can see majestic structures all around you, but it is also a destination that fills all your senses with wonder. It is a destination that you have to not only see, but also hear, taste, feel, and absorb into your being.

With that said, traveling to Rome Italy is an experience that should be savored and not left to chance. You need to know what to expect, what to do, and where to go when you decide to travel to Rome so that your trip is not wasted and you enjoy it to the fullest. To thoroughly enjoy your trip to Rome, here are some things you should know about traveling to this majestic city in Italy:

Where to Stay – When it comes to accommodations in Rome, the best places for you to stay are those that are near the many attractions of this city. While most of the hotels in these areas are somewhat pricey, the convenience of being near restaurants, tourist attractions, and the heart of the city is well worth the price that you pay.

Choose hotels and accommodations found east of Tiber River, where you can easily get to some of the best attractions in the city, such as the Piazza Venezia, Pantheon, and the Colosseum. If staying at a hotel that is too expensive for your budget does not sit well with you, don’t worry. There are actually a few smaller hotels that are run by families in the area that you can choose from.

What to See – Of course, one of the biggest reasons why people visit Rome is the sightseeing. The list of places you will need to go in order to totally enjoy this city is rather long. This is why you will need to approach your itinerary strategically to get the most of your stay and to still enjoy all the sights around you without needing to rush around like crazy.


Most of the well-known tourist destinations in Rome are located in an area east of the Tiber River, but this does not mean you can visit and enjoy all of these in a single day. To get the most out of your vacation and to see all the notable sites, give your sightseeing 3 days at the very least, with one day dedicated to such sights as the Colosseum and the other ruins near it.

You can also schedule an entire day to visit the sights located to the west of the river, where you can also find the Vatican City. Other sights that you should not miss here include castles, museums, and parks.

What to Eat – When you talk about taking a trip to Italy, whether you are going to Rome or elsewhere in this country, one thing you should never miss out on is the local cuisine. Eating well in Italy is a given, and this has been proven time and again by those who have eaten at smaller, virtually unknown restaurants as well as by those who have dined at the more popular tourist-filled eateries. If you find it difficult to choose where to eat, go with what you are craving and ask a local to find a restaurant that serves what you are looking for.

You will never go hungry in Rome, and you will never lack for amazing food that you will remember as part of your trip to this city in Italy. You can even combine site-seeing with dining by choosing a restaurant that has outdoor seating.

To find out more about what you can do, see, and enjoy in Rome, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be very happy to answer your questions for you.