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Discover the Beauty of Tuscany Italy

Le Marche ValleyEvery time I write about Tuscany, my heart and my whole body for that matter experiences an intense feeling of calmness. I know that this feeling comes from the relaxed atmosphere that this part of Italy near Florence gives off. I have found a perfect balance of enjoying the fascinating city of Florence and its cultural activities at the same time I replenish energy with a farm holiday or a stay in a luxury villa in the countryside. So make sure you discover the beauty of Italy this year.

Wallow in Luxury when you visit Tuscany

Don’t let the words ‘luxury’ and ‘farm’ scare you away. Most associate luxury with expense and farms with very little comfort, but Let me tell you of some fantastic places I have been. You will soon see that a stay in rural Tuscany is much more gratifying than a hotel in the city centre.

The Fattoria il Lago farmhouse is about 40 kilometres north-east of Florence, just outside the small town of Dicomano, hidden away amongst Tuscan hillsides covered with olive groves. The extensive property houses three areas which are referred to as villages, each having apartment accommodations and an entirely different landscape to admire. The main lodging building is called La Villa and has an outstanding view of the Dicomano Valley. Just a short walk away you’ll find Lago village with its pool and beautiful garden. The third area offers the most quaint sleeping quarters, known as Macerato, embedded in a fairytale setting reflecting every possible hue of green. This kind of vacation rental is every bit as comfortable and relaxing as the luxury villas, but here you are sharing a common ground with other visitors. If you are using a car rental, you should ask for a good map and maybe even ask if they can give more explicit directions towards Dicomano as the farmhouse is found off other country roads. As usual with any holiday home in Tuscany, we can give you full directions when booking or arrange for you to be picked up at a nearby train or bus station. Just tell us your preference when you book your Tuscany trip and we will make sure that everything is arranged in advance.

The 11th c. medieval monastery of San Lorenzo a Linari in Sovicille, south of Siena is one of those vacation rental places in Tuscany where you can have the best of everything and still enjoy your own breathing space, free from holiday stress. This magnificent lodging offers individual apartments and tempts you with tours of Tuscany that include viewing the hillside and mountains from a four-wheel drive vehicle, horse-back riding or an aerial view from a hot-air balloon. You won’t miss out on the lovely beaches either – there are excursions to the Mediterranean seashore, too.

Staying in the famous Chianti area of Tuscany might find you at the luxury villa estate Villa de Dievole near the old town of Vagliali. As all villas used to belong to the Italian noble class, the exclusiveness and privacy is incomparable. The original decor has been respected in the restoration process, so you are living among many centuries of history. This 16th century villa has rooms and suites with a private guesthouse, too. Without overtaxing your strength, your tour of Tuscany will bring you a feast of emotions and peacefulness.

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