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Travel Italy With Kids

Your idea to travel Italy with kids is a great one. Here are some of the many things your kids will love as you travel Italy with them:

Cool Cars. You’ll notice when you travel Italy that your kids love Italian cars like Maseratis, Alfa Romeos, Lamborghinis.

Gelato Ice Cream. “Gelato per favore.” For adults and children alike, to travel Italy would be incomplete without sampling the delicious gelato of each region. As you travel Italy, savor the gelato from various cities; you’ll notice each makes their gelato differently.

Pizza & Pasta. We often don’t realize how much kids know good food when they taste it. Put a plate of Roman pasta con salsa or Florentine pizza in front of your kids and you’ll notice that they have exquisite taste.

Lizards. They’re everywhere and easy to catch. Sacrificing some poor lizard on the altar of an ancient Sicilian stone temple may be just what junior needs to realize that maybe this whole travel Italy thing was a good idea after all.

Towering Castles & Walled Towns. You’ll find countless hilltop towns, especially throughout Umbria and Tuscany, most of which still display multiple defense systems such as stone walls, high towers, defensive “city doors,” and other fortresses. Seeing these fortifications all around will capture children’s imagination and takes kids back to the time when they were built.

Statues & Obelisks. Kids know interesting art and architecture when they see it. More obelisks stand in Rome today than anywhere else in the world. When kids see ancient artifacts they usually feel drawn to their magic and mystery.

Cathedral Art & Architecture. As you travel Italy with your kids, you may notice how they instinctively enjoy seeing famous works of art like The Last Supper, Michelangelo’s David, and the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. The reason is they’ve heard of these brilliant wonders all their lives. Now as they see it for themselves, they truly recognize the value and splendor of what they are seeing. Powerful themes like heaven and hell, crucifixion and resurrection, and life and death, seem to reinforce their interest.

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