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Travel Italy With Kids

Some parents cannot leave home without their kids, so when plans for traveling to Italy are being hatched, it is more than likely that bringing the kids along is a given. Choosing to travel Italy with kids is actually a pretty good idea, since there are a lot of reasons why this is encouraged by child psychiatrists, parents who frequently do this, and just about anyone who has seen what traveling with kids does to the family.

To show you why it is a good idea for you to bring your kids to Italy with you, here are 3 reasons:

Travel Italy With Kids

Travel Italy With Kids

It Gives Them Lasting Memories – Some parents don’t believe that a child of 5 or 6 can remember the things they do when they travel, but in reality, the memories that are created with family trips actually has a lasting impact on a child. They do create memories that they can carry into adulthood, and even though these memories may not be precise, the great feeling they had when they went on these trips will feel just the same. This will make the memory a lasting and precious one.

It is a Bonding Experience for the Entire Family – Even when arguments erupt, nerves are frayed, and patience wears thin, everything that a family does while traveling is a bonding experience. You will all remember how one family member got the entire family lost because they did not read the map right. Everyone will also laugh at the mishaps and the funny events of the trip as they recall it over family dinners and at family gatherings.

It Opens Their Eyes to New Things – Traveling to Italy will give your kids a new perspective on the world, and will show them that there are lots of new and exciting things for them to see outside of their neighborhood. This will broaden their perspective and make them realize that there is a lot to see out there. It will make them develop new interests and teach them to adapt to the different people that they meet.

What Kids May Enjoy Seeing and Doing in Italy

Now that we have established a few of the reasons why it is a good idea for you to travel Italy with kids, let us now tackle the many things that kids will enjoy seeing and doing there.

Amazing Cars – If your kids love cars, then they will love the cool and remarkable vehicles that are made and driven around in Italy. Some of these include Alfa Romeos, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris.

Gelato in Italy

Gelato in Italy

Gelato, Pizza, Pasta, and Other Local Italian Food – Yes, they do get all of these back home, but nothing beats the authentic Italian flavor of Italian food that is made in the land where it originates from. Gelato can be had everywhere, but when you try this Italian ice cream in different regions, you will find distinct differences in each one. Pizza and pasta is also found everywhere in Italy, with each region and city having their specialty, which your kids (and of course, you) will love trying out.

Castles, Old Structures, Churches, Monuments, and More – You may think that these old structures will bore children, but what you may not be aware of is that kids actually have a very active imagination. This will make visiting these ancient structures interesting to them since they will probably be imagining what it was like living in these grand edifices in the past, or if some hunchback or vampire once lived in these old castles and structures.

Tips and Tricks When Traveling with Kids

When you decide to travel Italy with Kids, you should be aware that while this is a great idea, there will be some challenges to this plan. Kids, after all, will always be kids, and unpredictability, irritability, as well as tiredness will often be part of these trips no matter where you go. With that said, it might be a good idea to take some of these tips to heart in order to keep problems and headaches to a minimum:

Plan Tours with Your Kids in Mind – If you tell your kid you will be seeing 10 churches in a row you will definitely have problems here. When you are planning your itinerary, try to mix it up a bit so that your kid won’t get bored that easily. There are lots of kid-friendly attractions in the country, so integrate a few of these into your plans. Also, making sure that your plans are kid friendly will be less stressful for everyone on the trip.

Always Think About Food – Kids will always be hungry. You should always include plans for meals, snacks, and even a traditional treat or two, while going around on your sightseeing tours. This will help your kids stay satisfied and not tell you they are hungry every step of the way. This will also give them good memories about the unique food they ate while in Italy.

Be Prepared to Cut Your Day Short – While kids are said to have boundless energy, too many activities in one day can easily drain them of this supposedly limitless energy. When you see your children starting to lag behind, or are looking tired and sleepy, don’t force them to finish your itinerary. Going back to the hotel to let them nap may be a good thing for them, and for you.

Excited to take your kids to Italy? Let us help you create a custom travel package for you and your kids!