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Italy Travel Tips

By Priscila Siano

You’ve planned for weeks and months and now your dream to travel Italy is almost a reality. Here are a few handy pointers to help make your adventures go more smoothly Enjoy our Italy travel tips!

Travel Guidebook. Buy a Travel Italy guide that contains well-written information on destinations, history, culture, and so on. Make sure the travel guide you select has maps of cities and photos of monuments. Travel Italy guidebooks offer constructive advice on where to go, how to get there and things to do.

Learn the Language. Many people you meet while traveling in Italy speak English, but many don’t. Knowing some Italian will help you deal with unexpected problems and gain greater fulfillment as you discover Italy.

Keep Cash Concealed. To avoid pick pocketing and purse snatching buy a strong money belt that you can wear underneath your shirt. If you happen upon a homeless person or beggar as you travel through Italy, be generous but keep money hidden.

Trains and Buses, Not Taxis. Taxis may seem convenient but the most economic way to travel Italy is trains and buses. All day service allows you to come and go as you please anywhere along the bus route. And you’ll find as you travel that most buses offer a complimentary map of routes featuring tourist attractions.

Dress Modestly. Churches and religious sites restrict entrance to those who show their bare backs, chest, shoulders and knees. Other attractions, like museums, also enforce dress codes. Women who tend to show a lot of skin might consider carrying a large scarf.

Prepare For Beautiful Weather. You’ll find days warm and nights cool when you are in Italy, so dress for the daytime and take a light jacket for the night. You may want to carry an umbrella to shade you from the sun or protect you from rain.

Pack Light. Everything is easy to find when you travel in Italy. If traveling from the US, bring a power-converter to run any electronic devices you bring, like a hair dryer.

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