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Italy Travel Tips

So you’ve finally decided to take that much needed vacation and your destination of choice is Italy. Good for you! There are very few countries that can be called a dream destination when it comes to a planned vacation and Italy is definitely one of them.

After planning for weeks and months, the day is finally here and your passport, bags, and neck pillow are all prepped for your dream trip. Before you check-in your baggage, and before you go through immigration on your way out of the country, there are a few things you need to remember before you embark on your adventure to Italy.

Here are a few Italy travel tips that can help you avoid any problems and issues that may otherwise put a dent in your perfect vacation:

Always Have an Italy Travel Guidebook On Hand – Before you even pack your bags, you should buy a good Travel Italy guidebook to help you find your way around the country. These guidebooks contain not only information about where to go and what to do but also information on where to get the best of everything, what not to do, and when it is the right time to visit the many amazing sights in the country.

Choose a guidebook that has maps, schedules, and other very useful information like train schedules, bus schedules, location of taxi stops, do’s and don’ts, and even information on when specific attractions are open or even when it is best to visit these.

Try Your Best to Learn the Language – While lots of people in Italy do speak English, there are still a good number of locals who don’t. Learning a few key phrases and words in Italian can mean the difference between you finding what you need quickly and you going around in circles because of miscommunication. It is also seen as a grand gesture on your part when you try to speak to locals in their language and will get you a smile or two from them in the process.

Do Not Display Your Money in Public – Try to keep any cash that you have on you properly concealed and safely kept on your person in a place that is not easy for others to access. It is best if you keep most of your money in your hotel room safe and to just bring enough for your plans for the day.

If you bring more than is needed for “just-in-case” situations, keep the bulk of your cash in a money-belt under your shirt and have only enough for incidentals in your pocket or wallet. This will allow you to pay for anything you need, and even give a beggar or two some help, without flashing your cash for pickpockets and snatchers to see.

Try to Take the Bus and Trains Rather than Depending on Taxis – Sure, taxis are a convenient mode of transportation, and can take you to where you want to go without the need for you to do too much walking but, if you are thinking of staying within budget, opt for trains and buses. Italy is a city that you should explore on foot anyway and getting from one place to another should involve a bit of walking for you to thoroughly enjoy your time in the country. This way, you not only get to enjoy Italy as it is supposed to be enjoyed, but you also get to save a few Euros in the process.

Take Great Care in How You Dress in Italy – While there is no dress-code in the many cities of the country (you can actually see most tourists in shorts, sneakers, and tank tops), there are strict ones in most religious sites and buildings here. If you are planning on visiting some of the well-known religious monuments in the country, make sure to dress modestly and properly for this.

Some museums also enforce strict dress codes, and unless you want to confine your visit to the streets of Italy, it might be a good idea to follow such rules. These include wearing clothing that covers the knees, chest, back, and shoulders of both men and women. If you can, try to be fashionable as well so as to fit in with the fashion-forward locals.

Be Prepared for Any Weather Condition – Nights in Italy are cool while days are warm, which is why you should be prepared for anything when you get dressed for your day, particularly if you are planning on staying out way into the night. Bring a jacket or cardigan with you even when it is sunny and always have a foldable umbrella for when sudden showers happen.

Pack Only the Essentials – You may be tempted to bring your entire wardrobe when you travel to Italy (the advice to be fashionable may be to blame for this), but it is best if you do travel light. Bring only what you know you can and will wear, and if you need something, Italy probably has what you need in their stores.

One thing you should never forget to bring though is your power converter so you can use your phone charger, hair dryer, and other electronic devices without having to ask the front desk of your hotel for help. For more helpful Italy travel tips, why not read Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Italy!