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Italy By Air

Italy by Air Italy is well connected by air, both within the country and to the rest of the world. Many big cities have an international airport and a smaller airport that connects to other cities within Italy and Europe. These smaller airports are usually served by the cheap airline companies like Ryanair and are at some distance from the center of the city. If you choose to fly into one of them it’s advisable to check the distances between the airport and your destination before you buy the ticket. Getting to Italy by air is actually very simple.

That said, both the small and large airports are linked with the surrounding area either by train or bus or both. There are of course taxis if you arrive too late for the public transportation to be running or if you have a lot of luggage.


Linate Airport: Linate is only 5 miles from Milan’s city center. A taxi from Linate airport takes only 20 minutes and costs about €30. Or there are two options for taking a bus into town: (1) an airport bus leaving every 20 minutes to Piazza Luigi Savoia near Central Station, or (2) a city ATM bus #73 leaving every 10 minutes to the central Piazza San Bablia where you can catch the metro line M1. For more information about the airport check out:

Malpensa Airport: Malpensa is where you’ll usually fly into if you’re coming from the U.S. It’s 30 miles from Milan’s center. A taxi will take between 40-60 minutes and cost €80. Or there are two other options: (1) take a direct bus to the central train station leaving every 20 minutes. The bus costs €7.50. (2) Or take the fast train, Malpensa Express, to Cadorna Station that leaves every half-hour and costs €12. For more information about Malpensa Airport see:


Fiumicino (or Leonardo Da Vinci) Airport: Fiumicino is the point of arrival for most people arriving in Rome from the U.S. A taxi will take about 40 minutes into town and will cost €50—this is a set price to avoid getting scammed. Alternatively there are two trains: (1) Leonardo Express will travel straight to Termini Station leaving every 30 minutes and costing €14. (2) Or you can take a regional train for half the price that will put you down in Trastevere, Ostiense or Tiburtina, of which the last two are connected to the blue metro line.

Ciampino Airport: If you’re taking a budget flight into Rome you’ll most likely land at Ciampino. To get to and from Ciampino you have the option of taking the Terravision buses that leave from the Via Marsala side of Termini and cost €6. Or you can take a metro to Anagnina then catch the local bus to the airport, though this might only be a good option from Ciampino to Rome as local buses are notoriously behind schedule. Taxis cost a set price of €30. Venice

Marco Polo Airport: Marco Polo is about 5 miles north of Venice on the lagoon and is the airport through which you’ll most likely arrive. There are two bus services to Piazzale Roma: (1) the ATVO leaving every 30 minutes and costing €3, or (2) the local ACTV #5 or #5D leaving as frequently for fifty cents less. Or if you want to transfer to Venice by water the Alilaguna service runs four water-buses and costs €13. Taxis are also land and water based. The former will cost about €35 to Piazzale Roma, while the latter will set you back €100, surely the fanciest way to arrive!

Treviso Airport: Treviso serves the budget flights and is actually another city near to Venice. Some charter companies provide a shuttle service, or there’s the local ACTV bus that costs €6 and takes seventy minutes. If either of those options don’t work, take a #6 local bus to Treviso where you can catch a train or bus to Venice. See:


Perètola (or Amerigo Vespucci) Airport: Perètola is only 5 miles from Florence’s city center. There’s a direct shuttle service to Santa Maria Novella station run by Volainbus that leaves every 30 minutes and costs €6. See the airport’s website for more info:


Capodichino Airport: Naples’s airport is less than 5 miles away from the city and is very well connected. If you want to take a bus there are two options: (1) ANM #C58 local bus runs to Piazza Garibaldi, leaves every 30 minutes, and costs €1.10. (2) The official Alibus will take you to Piazza Garibaldi or Piazza Municipio, leaving every 20 minutes and costing €3. For more information:


Falcone Borsellino Airport: The Falcone Borsellino airport serves the very south of Italy. It’s based in Punta Raisi, about 20 miles outside of Palermo. To get into Palermo you can either take a Prestia & Comandè bus that travels every 30 minutes and costs €5.80. Or take a train for a similar price leaving twice an hour. The train will put you at Stazione Centrale. The bus stops at Politeama theater, Stazione Maríttima, and Stazione Centrale. For more information see:

Have a safe flight to Italy!