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Italy Vacation Rental

If you’re thinking about renting an apartment or villa during your vacation to Italy, then that means you’re looking for something a little different than your usual hotel-based holiday. Staying in hotels is fine and good, but staying in a villa or apartment puts you in closer contact with the people who live in Italy. Maybe even by the time your vacation is over, instead of feeling like you’ve been to Italy on vacation, you’ll feel as if you’ve lived there.

One thing to consider is how long you’ll be staying. Either a villa or an apartment are great for long and short-term stays. Whether you’re in Italy for a week or a month, it’s easy to find a place to fit your needs. Renting a place is a cost-effective solution if you’re planning on being in Italy awhile. And if you can, why not stay? What a perfect opportunity to learn the language and really get a feeling for what Italy is like.

Another reason to rent an apartment or a villa is if you’re traveling with friends or family. Depending on how many are in your group, you can choose between the two. A villa can fit lots of people, and depending on the size of the place, there can be several rooms for everyone to spread out. The more exquisite villas are in the countryside looking out over rolling hills and come with a pool. Apartments are good for smaller groups of family or friends who want to be near to the city center, to stay in a quaint town, or on the beach.

Villas can be luxurious escapes set into the olive groves of Tuscany. They can be the place to spend your dream vacation far from the bustle of seeing the sights, a place to soak in the beautiful splendor of the country, maybe with a glass of full-bodied red wine. Or they can be modest country homes near enough for a short drive into the city. That way you can experience the full range of what Italy has to offer. Renting a villa can be an excellent base for exploring the countryside and its hill towns, for skiing or hiking in any of Italy’s beautiful mountains, or for basking on some of Italy’s cleanest beaches.

Renting an apartments can provide you with an in to the city you would like to visit. Renting an apartment can inspire you to shop in the local markets, which are great places to see how the Italians live and what they eat. You can make friends with the local grocer and convince him to give you his grandma’s amatriciana recipe. Another reason to choose an apartment is to for some peace and quiet. We know tourism can be an extreme sport and that some people at the end of the day just want to enjoy their vacation in peace.

So whether you want to rent an apartment or a villa, there are endless possibilities!


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