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Italy Vacation Rental

Going on vacation to Italy requires that you find a place to stay for the duration of your trip there, and the first option is always a hotel. Others choose to go for a B&B while a few choose a hostel, which is a cheaper, dorm-style accommodation that offers you very little privacy but lots of savings.

If you are not one to scrimp on your vacation however, and want to go for something different, you might want to look for a rental place in Italy rather than one of these “usual” options. There are many villas and apartments that you can rent in Italy for your vacation and these are seen as a better way to truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the country. This is because it gives you more chances to really interact with the locals and to see how life is lived in the country, without the cushy life that hotels offer you.

Benefits of Going for a Rental Place in Italy

For travelers who are thinking of staying in Italy for more than a week, an apartment or a villa is a better option when compared with a hotel. It gives you more freedom to live life like a local while you are there and allows you to explore the many food options available in the area. When you stay in a hotel, room service is just a call away and when you are feeling too lazy to go out, the hotel restaurant is a convenient choice, which defeats the purpose of travelling to a foreign land.

It is also a better option if there are more than two of you going on this vacation. Villas and apartment rentals give you the entire place, which means you can use all of the rooms in it for your stay. This is great for people travelling in groups with more than 5 individuals in it and for families. You get to sleep in an apartment that can fit 4 to 5 people comfortably without actually needing to pay extra for the additional people in your group (which you will be asked to do in a hotel, or be forced to book another room).

When you stay in an apartment or villa during your vacation in Italy, not only do you experience living the Italian way with an Italian house, but you also get to experience a lot of things that you normally wouldn’t when you stay in a hotel. For example, if you want to try your hand at preparing your own food, particularly if you have finicky children with you who won’t eat anything other than fish fingers and fries, you can do this in an apartment or villa. You can also enjoy the unique experience of buying food from local food markets, giving you more interactions with the locals.

A villa or apartment also gives you a lot of privacy. No more hotel housekeeping knocking on your door when you choose to sleep in and wake up later than usual. No more fear of running into that annoying couple you met at the buffet the other night. No more unnecessary noises coming from the room next door at odd hours of the night.

While a hotel does give you a lot of conveniences, if you can do without these and would rather experience Italy on your own terms, then a villa or an apartment is your best choice.

Where to Find Villas and Apartments in Italy

More-often-than-not, vacation rentals within the city are often apartments and those in the outskirts as well as the countryside are villas. If you are unsure, ask the person offering these rental places for more pictures as well as a map of where these homes are located. While you can book these rentals directly with the homeowners, it is advised that you have someone do the booking for you. This is to help avoid any disappointment when you get there.

If you are looking for an apartment or a villa in Italy to stay in during your vacation, Tour Italy Now can help you find the perfect one in the location you are going to. Whether you want utmost privacy for your honeymoon trip, or simply want a different kind of vacation in Italy from the usual, we can help you with this. We offer personalized tours that you can tweak to fit your preferences and we will gladly help you get the vacation of your dreams, whether it involves staying in a hotel or a villa or an apartment.