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5 Day Italy Tour

Mini Italian Adventure

Vacation Code: EVBI5D09
5 Days and 4 Nights
8 Meals: (4 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners)

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Experience the Best of 5 Day Escorted Tours of Italy

If you’ve been searching through Italian vacation packages & looking for a 5 day Italy tour, our Mini-Italian Adventure could be the dream Italian trip designed just for you.Let’s dive deep into exploring one of the best 5 day Italy tour packages with a complete custom plan for you.

5 Day Mini Italian Tour Package: The Journey

The perfect introduction to Italy, this tour begins in Rome, heading into the breathtaking North of this amazingly diverse country and providing every opportunity to explore the most beautiful and intriguing parts of the country. From vibrant cities, like Rome and Venice, to acres of rolling countryside, this adventure-filled Italian trip offered you the perfect balance of sightseeing and guided tours.

The 5 day Italy tour packages are a fantastic way to see the country without spending a fortune. Many types of mini-vacations are available, from city breaks to beach holidays. Italy is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world, as well as stunning coastal towns and villages. Mini Italian vacations offer something for everyone, so whether you’re looking for culture, history, or a relaxing break, you’re sure to find it in Italy.

This mini Italy tour is ideal for travelers of all experience levels.

Whether a novice European visitor or a seasoned traveler who’s already scoped out your favorite parts of remarkable Italy, the 5 days Italy tour package is the ideal short vacation package for you. From beginning to end, this tour will provide you with memories to last a lifetime, and it’s all wrapped up in one neat little package – Italy!

**This tour departs in the early morning. Therefore, flight plans must be scheduled so that you arrive in Rome the day before the tour departure. To ensure that this and every other detail is taken care of, ask our Italian travel professionals to make all your travel arrangements. You can relax and enjoy your tour of Italy with complete peace of mind.


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Day 1: Rome – Assisi – Siena – Florence
Day 2: Florence
Day 3: Florence – Bologna – Padova – Venice
Day 4: Venice
Day 5: Venice – Montepulciano – Rome

Day 1: Rome – Assisi – Siena – Florence (Breakfast, Dinner)

A day in Italy! How would it be? Well, let us take you on the first day of the 5 day trip to Italy.

Rise and shine for an early departure from Rome via deluxe motor coach to your first destination, Assisi. Today, you will meet your tour guide and get to know your fellow guests.

So, it’s about to begin now! Imagine yourself going through this trip while reading all the details. So, relax, enjoy the ride, and welcome to your “Mini-Italian Adventure” tour!

Arrive in Assisi, in Italy’s Umbrian region, and enjoy some leisure time in this tiny town surrounded by ancient walls and graced by grand castles and historic ancient churches.

A visit to the Basilica of St. Francis, a World Heritage Site, will allow visitors to view the frescoes of Giotto and Cimabue as well as many other beautiful works of art.

Departure from Assisi to Siena.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Tuscan hill town includes magnificent cathedrals, pretty botanical gardens, Gothic palazzos, the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, the town square and favored gathering place, home to the Palio horse race, an excellent art museum, and plenty of opportunity for people-watching.

And to keep up with your excitement, let us tell you that the moment you start exploring the Tuscan towns, your eyes will experience a medieval cityscape that would look like a miniature Florence. Taking a break from exploring short tour of Italy to relax in one of the many historic wine cellars makes Tuscany so relaxing. With several historic wine cellars and easy access to wine country, it’s my favorite base for exploring the heart of Tuscany.

Departure from Siena to our destination of the evening, magnificent Florence. Arrive at your hotel. Enjoy a leisurely dinner and comfortable overnight accommodations.

Day 2: Florence (Breakfast, Lunch)

After breakfast, we’ll spend the morning exploring this famous city of Etruscan- Roman origins, which flourished in the Middle Ages as a free commune. Now the most populated city in Tuscany, Florence is recognized as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and is lauded for its magnificent sites. First, you’ll visit the architectural gem of Florence, the domed cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, better known as The Duomo (outside visit). This 14th-century masterpiece is visible throughout the city and is the most-visited attraction in Florence. The tour will proceed to the Campanile (bell tower), partly designed by Giotto. The accompanying Baptistery was graced with spectacular bronze doors that artist Michelangelo dubbed “The Gates of Paradise.”

Lunch in a typical restaurant in Santa Croce Square. The piazza Santa Croce in Florence gets its name from the basilica of a same-named church, one among many famous buildings to house frescoes by Giotto and sculptures created during Benedetto da Maiano’s time. It also served as an important site for people like Galilei, Foscolo, and even Michelangelo, who are now buried there due to their relevance within Italian culture.

Enjoy an afternoon at leisure, with the option of visiting nearby Pisa (50 euros per person to be paid directly to the tour guide). Known, of course, for its famous Leaning Tower, Pisa achieved notoriety as one of Italy’s four 11th-century Maritime Republics and was the birthplace of physicist/astronomer Galileo. While in Pisa, we’ll take time to admire the Square of Miracles, where we’ll find the lovely Duomo, the quirky Leaning Tower, and many other notable sites.

The city of Pisa is located in central Italy on the banks of the Arno River. It was once a prominent seaport, but with time and buildup from river sediment, it became increasingly difficult for ships to access this area due west into the Ligurian Sea, which cut off any means by way of seafood trade between Europe/Mediterranean regions as well other goods. Also, when you are with us on your 5 day tour of Italy, we ensure you see everything worth experiencing.

Upon return to your hotel, settle in for an overnight stay.

Day 3: Florence – Bologna – Padova – Venice (Breakfast, Dinner)

After breakfast, you will depart Florence by a deluxe coach and head to Bologna.

Situated between the Po River and the Apennines, the city of Bologna is home to the oldest university in the Western world (established in 1088) and is known throughout Italy for the excellent quality of life it provides its residents. The landscape of this city, one of the most developed in Italy, is enriched by elegant and extensive arcades (or porticos), an architectural element for which the city is famous. Have your camera ready as we explore Neptune Square and its beautiful fountain, and nearby Major Square, both located in the heart of the city. Home to companies such as Lamborghini and Masserati, Bologna is a pedestrian-friendly city where guests can feel free to explore on foot. Here, you’ll be fascinated by the opulent King Renzo Palace, the Podestà Palace, and the Basilica of San Petronio, one of the largest basilicas in the world.

Departure from Bologna to Padova.

Our stop in Padova includes a visit to the beautiful Sant’Antonio Basilica in the heart of the city.

Sant’Antonio di Padova, a church in Veneto city of Padua known for its large pilgrimage numbers and rituals. There are six million people who come here every year to visit Saint Anthony’s relics which make up one-third the weight of the mantelpiece at San Marco Basilica; not only does this place have a fantastic history, but it also provides us some insight into how much faith these individuals had when they were alive!

Departure from Padova to our next destination, Venice.

In the evening, when the city sparkles, it arrives in spectacular Venice, often described as one of the most romantic cities in the world, famous for its gondola-traveled canals and magnificent architectural sites.

Enjoy dinner in this magical city and a good night’s sleep before a day of sightseeing.

Day 4: Venice (Breakfast)

Eat breakfast and then transfer by Vaporetto to St Mark Square. You’ll tour the square as well as an inside visit of St. Mark’s Cathedral, Doge’s Palace (outside), a symbol of the glory and authority of Venice, former residence of the Dukes, and seat of the government and the Court of Justice. Finally, we’ll cross the famous Bridge of Sighs, where prisoners will catch their last glimpse of Venice before being incarcerated in the attached prison.

Enjoy an afternoon at leisure and the chance to visit numerous other Venetian sites such as Ca d’Oro – one of the city’s most magnificent palazzi, or the Basilica de Santa Maria Della Salute.

Day 5: Venice – Montepulciano – Rome (Breakfast, Lunch)

Breakfast and departure by motor coach from Piazzale Roma to the Chianti Region of Tuscany, known for its wines, and then on to Montepulciano, a Renaissance hill town renowned for its churches and palaces. A great place to explore on foot, Montepulciano is famous in Italy for its Vino Nobile, considered one of the best wines in the country and available in many locations throughout the town. Lunch in a typical restaurant.

Spend the afternoon discovering Montepulciano at your own pace. Use your free time to enjoy a glass or two or perhaps visit the 16th-century church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

Departure from Montepulciano to our ending destination, Rome.

Evening arrival in Rome and end of our services. Not ready to go home yet? Having too much fun exploring magnificent Italy? Your travel specialist will review all the options available to you at the end of the trip, including an ample opportunity to explore the country or the option of spending an extra night in Rome. Then, if you must go, you’ll head to the airport for your return home. Remember, we are always eager to help you create the travel experience you desire, so don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like to keep your travel options open!

Hotel Accommodations:

*4-star hotel pricing available

Additional Information

The tour includes:
  • Transportation by deluxe motor coach *Monolingual tour guide and escort
  • Accommodation at the hotels
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • Panoramic visits as per itinerary
  • Luggage service: 1 piece of luggage per person in Florence and Venice
  • Taxes and fees
  • 24-hour emergency hotline

The tour does not include the following:
  • Tips
  • Drinks and extras in the hotel
  • Entrance fees to monuments and museums are not included in the itinerary
  • Everything that is not mentioned “The tour includes” section
  • Extra luggage may incur an additional fee
  • Florence Hotel Taxes (4 euros per person per day) are to be paid directly to the hotel
  • Venice Hotel Taxes (4 euros per person per day) are to be paid directly to the hotel

So, now that you have also seen the tour’s additional information. We promise this will be one of the most authentic 5 star Italy tours ever. As a tourist, your trust in us matters, and we make sure we leave no stone unturned for your vacation.

Here are some FAQs to help you understand the 5 day Italy tour.

Question 1: Do you have Italy vacation packages for two in this short Italy tour?
Answer 1: Yes, if you are friends or a couple, this trip is perfect for touring Italy and enjoying the best of it at the best price.

Question 2: Can a family also participate in this mini 5 day Italy tour?
Answer 2: This tour is also recommended for a family trip. You tend to see all the important places and cherish these beautiful moments with your loved ones. We even provide 4 star accommodation at prices better than what others are offering in the market.

Question 3: What if we need an emergency exit? Will our amount be refunded?
Answer 3:  No, we don’t provide a refund in any case, so travel insurance is always highly recommended.

Question 4:  Can you guide me for 5 days in Italy where to go?
Answer 4: Yes, check all the details in the itinerary section and learn what every day on the Italy Tour would look exactly like.

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Pricing and Dates

Departure DateDoubleSingleTripleReservation Deposit
Nov-07-2022$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Nov-14-2022$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Dec-05-2022$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Dec-19-2022$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Jan-09-2023$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Jan-23-2023$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Feb-06-2023$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Feb-20-2023$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Mar-06-2023$ 750.00$ 1000.00$ 750.00$ 300.00
Mar-27-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Apr-10-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Apr-17-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Apr-24-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
May-01-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
May-06-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
May-08-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
May-13-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
May-20-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
May-22-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
May-27-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
May-29-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jun-03-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jun-05-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jun-10-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jun-12-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jun-17-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jun-19-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jun-24-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jun-26-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-01-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-03-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-08-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-10-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-15-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-17-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-22-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-29-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Jul-31-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Aug-05-2023$ 840.00$ 1100.00$ 840.00$ 300.00
Aug-07-2023$ 840.00$ 1100.00$ 840.00$ 300.00
Aug-12-2023$ 840.00$ 1100.00$ 840.00$ 300.00
Aug-14-2023$ 840.00$ 1100.00$ 840.00$ 300.00
Aug-19-2023$ 840.00$ 1100.00$ 840.00$ 300.00
Aug-21-2023$ 840.00$ 1100.00$ 840.00$ 300.00
Aug-26-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Aug-28-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Sep-02-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Sep-04-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Sep-09-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Sep-11-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Sep-16-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Sep-23-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Sep-25-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Sep-30-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Oct-02-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Oct-07-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Oct-09-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Oct-14-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Oct-16-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Oct-21-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Oct-23-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00
Oct-28-2023$ 900.00$ 1200.00$ 900.00$ 300.00