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Liguria Italy Travel Guide

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Major Cities:


The third-smallest region in Italy, Liguria is part of the country’s famed Riviera and has always been a vacation destination for wealthy international travelers who are looking for the warmth and beauty that the region offers. The beaches are wide, the resorts posh, and even though some of the small towns have become a little run down, it’s still a region where visitors can get a taste of the good life…if even for a day or two.

Tucked between the Alps and the sea, the Liguria Region is certainly known for its pleasant weather, perhaps best described as balmy. In fact, the mountains protect the area from bad weather and provide abundant sunshine and comfortable temperatures. The average summer temperature lands around 75 degrees Fahrenheit while winter temps rarely dip below about 50 degrees. That provides plenty of options for enjoying the outdoor beauty of the area, even during the colder months.

The capital of the Liguria Region is the city of Genoa, one of the busiest and most important ports in the Mediterranean. As a matter of fact, Genoa was the home of Christopher Columbus. Part of the old city of Genoa sits on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, lauded for its rich history and architectural gems, including the Renaissance-Romanesque St. Lawrence Cathedral and several other ecclesiastic buildings, the Palazzo Ducale, and many remaining city walls, some that were built as early as the 9th century.

One of the most well known resorts in the Liguria Region is San Remo, situated in the area west of Genoa. Home to a popular municipal Casino that was built in 1905, San Remo, a very cultural area, is often described as being in a state of “perpetual spring”, offering weather that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor pursuits including sunbathing, golfing, or going to the opera, symphony, or theater. It’s been home to the Sanremo Music Festival since 1951.

On the eastern side of Genoa is the so-called Shore of the Rising Sun, with its rugged coastline and towns that are less developed than those west of the capital city. Every few miles, visitors can spot a charming little town that will simply captivate. If quiet is your thing, head for Santa Margherita Ligure, a peaceful retreat with a pretty beach and friendly people. Want a little more glitz? Go to the more famous town of Portofino, a small fishing village and tourist resort where the beauty will simply knock your socks off.

Where food is concerned, the Ligurian Region is best known as the birthplace of pesto sauce but it is also lauded for its fine seafood. The fresh catches of the day here are among the best you can get while touring Italy. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a scrumptious meal by the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. It’ll be a long-remembered culinary experience!