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Lombardy ItalyLombardy Map

Major Cities:

Milano (Milan)

One of the most industrialized areas in the country, the Lombardy Region is, nonetheless, an attractive and historic region that boasts fashionable Milan as its capital. It is both the most populous and the richest region in the country, home to about one-sixth of Italy’s population and responsible for producing about 20 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Despite the heavy industrialization, however, Lombardy attracts visitors to all corners of the region. Bordered by Switzerland to the north, Lombardy has it all including mountains, hills, plains, and plenty of water.

All the wonderful lakes of the region lie in the breathtaking Alpine zone. This includes Lakes Maggiore, Como, Iseo, Idro, and Garda. The lakes are prime tourist areas and some have attracted wealthy Italians and other visitors for centuries, as is evident in the villas situated lakeside.

History is alive and well in Lombardy as well. Visitors who want to be steeped in all things historical can head to the wonderful medieval towns of Pavia and Cremona (where Stradivarius made his violins) or take in the sights at Mantua, an artistic city known for its pivotal role in the history of Italy’s favorite music – opera. Don’t miss Bergamo, situated at the foothills of the Alps and also well known for its role in music history. Bergamo is home to one of the Lombardy Region’s most awesome sights, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, a Romanesque masterpiece built in the 12th Century and the burial place of sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

The capital, Milan, is of course, Italy’s fashion capital and one of the foremost fashion and design cities of the world. The larger Province of Milan is home to some 3 million Italians, and the city is not only known for its design houses but also its fine and performing arts opportunities. From the La Scala Opera House to the Brera Fine Arts Academy, there’s so much to see and hear in this amazing city. And you won’t want to miss the chance to view DaVinci’s Last Supper fresco, painted on the wall of the awesome church of Santa Maria della Grazie.

In all, Lombardy offers a little bit of everything for the traveler who likes some variety in their vacation. Take your time to explore this fascinating region – on foot, by car, or via a luxury tour bus like those used on quality Tour Italy Now vacations – and don’t forget your camera! You’ll want to capture a few shots of Lombardy’s gorgeous lakes, breathtaking mountains, and beautiful people.