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Milan Italy Travel

Milan Italy DuomoBest known by some as the fashion capital of Italy and by others as Italy’s most important financial center, Milan is a busy, crowded city that nonetheless offers an appeal to travelers of all ages. As Italy’s most populous and prosperous city, some think it lacks the charm of Florence or Rome. Nevertheless, with its large number of museums and cultural attractions, this city is a delight to visit and its excellent public transportation system makes it easier to navigate than some of Italy’s more popular tourist cities. So your next trip to Italy should include Milan.

Those who head to Milan for the fashion experience will enjoy the city’s Golden Quadrilateral, a great place to catch a glimpse of what’s hot in high fashion. Shopping here is a dream for even the most die-hard shopaholic! Have the credit cards ready!

If you’ve come for your trip to Italy, fans of historic architecture will certainly want to visit the many churches and castles located throughout Milan. History buffs will no doubt want to take in the fine selection of museums. Several attractions are not to be missed on a trip to Milan Italy:

  • Teatro alla Scala – Better known by its more famous name, La Scala, this theater is by far the most well-known opera house in the world and tickets to see a production here are a must for any classical music buff. Composer Giuseppe Verdi garnered his reputation inside these very walls and a number of great singers have sung their way to the top. Having recently undergone renovations, La Scala is more magnificent than ever.

  • Santa Maria della Grazie – This church is most famous not for its architecture but for what’s inside – the “real” DaVinci’s The Last Supper. Viewed by reservation only, the artwork has undergone major restorations and is now brilliantly clear and easy to view. Don’t miss touring the remainder of the church on your trip to Italy, which is quite wonderful as well.

  • Pinacoteca di Brera – This wonderful art museum is a must-see for cultural sightseers and includes early works of Raphael and Francesca as well as 20th century paintings and sculpture. With thirty-eight rooms, this museum could consume the better part of your day, so visitors may decide to choose just a few rooms (chronologically ordered) which house works from their favorite period.

  • Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnica – If you’re traveling with children, they’ll be thrilled with this museum. It gives visitors a look at a unique array of technological achievements developed over the centuries, but many guests visit the museum for a look at the technical drawings of the great Leonardo DaVinci. Kids will love the interactive moving models of his “aerial screw” and “beating wing”, thought to be the predecessors of the modern-day helicopter and airplane.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele MilanLearn more about Milan & Lombardia!