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Your Ultimate Packing List

When you travel, one of the things you need to take note of is that you remember to bring everything you need with you on your trip. This is even more important when you are traveling abroad since there are things you are used to at home that you may not be able to find in another country (like your prescription medication, for example, or the adapter plug for all your electronic devices).

In order to ensure that you do not leave anything behind as you board your plane to Italy (or to anywhere else, for that matter), it might be a good idea to have a checklist you can…well, check to see if everything is indeed in order. Now, before you scramble to get a pen and paper to list down everything you think you will need on your next trip, stop for a minute.

Travel Italy Now has put together the ultimate packing checklist for your convenience. Not only will this checklist come in handy for your trip to Italy, but it can also be used for all your other trips, whether these are out of the country or just a weekend stay in the next state.

Why This Packing List is Crucial to the Success of Your Trip

Luggage All Packed and Ready to Go

Luggage All Packed and Ready to Go

If you are a seasoned traveler, and have traveled a lot, packing has definitely become a science or an art form for you. Packing with precision becomes a part of your psyche. You have learned from forgetting to bring an important item for your trip and you’ve also learned from packing more than you need. In short, you and your suitcase already have a routine that guarantees you don’t leave anything behind on your next trip.

If you are a newbie at this however, like most of us, a little help to get things right the first time is often welcome. This is where our ultimate packing list makes it easy for you. This packing list, which you can download below, helps you check off everything that you have already added to your luggage for your trip, and everything that you need to take note of before you fly off.

Once downloaded, the list is completely editable, so you can add or change items to suit your own requirements and you’ll soon have the perfect packing checklist, ready to print and check off items as you pack!

As mentioned earlier, there are so many travel opportunities where this list will help you ensure that everything you need goes in your bags. Whether you’re packing for a family vacation, heading overseas for an international conference, taking a trip to Italy with friends, or taking off for a romantic weekend in the country, you’ll have everything you need sorted out and packed no time. No more forgotten toothbrushes, no more missing ID cards, and no more last minute worries about what should be in your bag.

Family and friends will love this list too, so make sure you share it with them! You can be sure they will thank you for it.

Now, to get started… Just click the button below, download Travel Italy Now’s printable packing list and you’re ready to start packing!