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Spring Festivals In Italy

There are four seasons to every year, and which season you choose to travel abroad on a vacation can actually dictate what you can and cannot do on such a trip. Most people tend to choose to go on a trip in the summer, primarily because of the hot sun that gives them the kind of weather that allows for exploring without fearing for days and days of rain or bad weather. Summer is also ideal for those who usually take their kids with them on vacation since kids will be on summer break.

For some people however, there is just something different about traveling and exploring the world in the spring. Spring is a magical season in many countries, and Italy is one such country that is great to visit during this time of year. Not only will your days be filled with chirping birds and bright vibrant colors as the season’s first flowers tentatively poke their heads out of the ground. It also brings with it a long list of festivals that you can enjoy at this time of the year:

Almond Blossom Festival in Agrigento – The Festa del Fiore del Mandorlo ushers in spring and is celebrated in Agrigento, Sicily. This festival celebrates the coming of spring, when the pinkish-white blossoms of the almond tree start to appear. When this happens, it means that people can start planting spring crops. This festival started in 1934 and usually occurs in the last week of February or the first week of March, depending on when the blooms begin to emerge.

What to expect: The Lighting of the Torch of Friendship at the Concordia Temple, folkloric group performances, and band shows

Saint Joseph’s Day – Festa di San Giuseppe is a day that is set aside to honor St. Joseph, who is the foster father of Jesus. This happens on the 19th of March and is a festival that is seen as Italy’s equivalent of Father’s Day. Also called La Festa dei Papa, this event happens all over Italy and is marked by the giving of gifts to fathers everywhere. In Sicily, it is a bigger event since St. Joseph is the island’s patron saint, and feasts are prepared in honor of San Giuseppe. The Tavole di San Giuseppe is filled with treats that include pasta, eggs, vegetables, fresh fish, fruit, wine, and pastries.

What to expect: The making and selling of Zeppole di San Giuseppe, bonfires, dramatization and pageants of St. Joseph’s life

Liberation Day – Called the Festa della Liberazione, this festival is a national holiday that marks the anniversary of the end of the Italian Civil War and liberation from the Nazis. Some people may confuse this with the country’s Republic Day, which happens in June, but this celebration occurs on the 25th of April. The entire nation celebrates this festival and this is often commemorated with parades, demonstrations, and marches. Government offices are closed on this day but tourist sites remain open.

What to expect: Parades with marching bands, concerts, and community lunches

Vinitaly – When you talk about Italy, it is not far off for people to think of wines in correlation with this country.  In fact, the country has an annual international wine competition that is called Vinitaly, and this is usually held in Verona, which is the country’s wine region. This celebration has been around since 1967, and has since captured the attention of the wine-loving populace of the world. This annual expo brings together Italian wine producers as well as connoisseurs. It is considered one of the premier wine events in the world.

What to expect: Wine tasting, wine competitions, release of new wines, food competitions, and wine pairing events

If you have plans of traveling to Italy in the spring, it might be worth your while to check out some of these springtime events while you are there. You can travel to the many regions that have other special events during this time of the year like the Festa di San Marco in Venice, or the Sagra del Pesce in Camogli.

To find out how you can get to these places and experience these festivals while you are there, contact us at 800.955.4418 today!