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Video – Create Your Dream Italy Vacation Today!

Watch this short video to learn how to plan your dream Italy vacation…

1) Italy Travel Myths Revealed – You don’t want to even think about booking your Italian Vacation until you watch this.

2) The Top 3 Italian Travel Mistakes Which Can Ruin Your Vacation – I’ll show you exactly how to avoid them so you enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

3) Insider Secrets to a Perfect Italian Vacation – I’ll reveal professional secrets which will save you money, time and hassle.

Call Your Italian Travel Expert Today at 800.955.4418!

When you travel to Italy we'll make sure it's your absolute dream vacation!

When you've spent months preparing for your dream trip to Italy, you want to know that everything will work out the way you planned. So many things can happen when you're on vacation and the best way to make sure that nothing will ruin your trip is to be sure you have someone on your side to take care of any little problems you may have. We've been taking care of people who travel to Italy for so long, there really isn't much we haven't handled already. Wondering what kinds of things you might need us to take care of for you? Watch our video to find out. When you're done watching, click the button on this page to get a quote. We look forward to helping you plan your travel to Italy and taking care of you while you enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

Just in case you aren't able to enjoy our video presentation, or simply prefer to read the information it contains, we've provided a video transcript below:

Ok, Imagine you’ve just left on your dream trip to Italy.

You’ve been dreaming about it for so long you can see images of the Italian countryside when you close your eyes and almost taste the ice cold gelato on your tongue. Now it’s finally here, you plane has just landed and you’re ready for what you just know is going to be the trip of a lifetime…

But then all of a sudden there’s a mix-up with the bus you booked to take you to your hotel. And when you finally do get there.. it’s rundown, shabby and looks nothing like the website promised. Worse, the hotel clerk looks at you without a trace of pity and in a smooth Italian accent says, “We’re overbooked, you were late. We’ve given your room away.”

You begin to feel panic in your chest. You’re in a foreign country. You don’t speak the language!

You finally find another place to stay and are determined your trip is going to get better… but then there’s the rude tour guide, the museum tickets for the wrong day, and the Gondola driver in Venice who insists he has no record of the reservation you made months ago. As you watch him sail away down the canal it suddenly hits you like a ton of bricks… Your dream vacation to Italy is turning into a nightmare!

…And you know right then that instead of coming back home with amazing pictures, fantastic stories and enough memories to last a lifetime all you’re going to have is another travel horror story to tell your friends and family as they shake their heads and offer you pity for the time, money and opportunity you wasted.

All you can do is ask yourself, “Where did I go wrong?”

Hi, I’m Dominic Siano and I’d like to welcome you to Tour Italy Now. I’ve watched situations just like this happen to far too many people, who fell for a couple of simple and dangerous travel myths. In just a moment I’m going to show you how to have the perfect Italian vacation… where every bit of planning is done for you. Where all you have to do is get on the plane and then let our family run business take care of you every step of the way as you see, taste and experience the very best of what Italy has to offer.

Before that I want to go over a couple of of those travel myths…

Myth Number 1…

“Doing it myself is easier, cheaper and gives me the trip I really want.”

I hear this one all the time. Forget the hours you’re going to spend researching online and reading review after review on website after website for dozens of hotels, transportation options and attractions… for each and every city you plan on visiting…

… or that doing it all on your own means when things go wrong you’ll be all on your own in a foreign country with nobody to call to make things right…

Hey at least you’ll have saved some money, right? Wrong!

Booking your trip yourself isn’t just difficult, risky and time consuming…It will actually cost you more. Why? Because all the hotels, transportation companies and attractions have two prices. The retail prices they show on their websites for individual travelers like you… and the much lower ones they’ve negotiated with tour operators like us.

And because we at Tour Italy Now have built strong relationships and send them hundreds of travelers a year… you’re able to take advantage of negotiated rates which are often MUCH lower than you could ever get on your own.

Myth 2 “All Tour Operators are the Same”

If this were true I never would have started Tour Italy Now in the first place… but all tour operators are definitely not the same.

So what should you look for when choosing the people who will be taking care of the important details of your trip?

1) If you want personal attention, both planning your trip and while on vacation, make sure you choose a company who shows a personal touch. A nameless faceless company with a generic one size fits all approach is telling you exactly what kind of service you’re going to get.

2) Make sure your operator isn’t some kind of fly by night operation who might disappear before you ever make it on the plane by finding one with a real history and a solid collection of testimonials and satisfied clients. If they can’t prove they’ve successfully run trips to Italy you shouldn’t trust them with your trip.

3) Not all tour operators have the same focus… if your dream is to truly visit Italy, you should choose a company whose focus is on Italy.

You’d be shocked to learn how many of these so called “European tour operators” – who claim to focus on Italy – are run by people who don’t even speak a word of Italian!

Ma stiamo scherzando? Are you joking?

My parents were first generation Italian Immigrants who worked in the tourism business back in the old country and when I was young we spent summers in Italy.

I loved the country like a second home and as soon as I was old enough, I was going back whenever I could, working tourism related jobs in the spots where Italians themselves vacation.

Friends nicknamed me “The Italy Guy” and started calling me for advice on trips to Italy. I looked for somewhere I could send them where I knew they’d enjoy the same kind of amazing experiences I enjoyed.

But I couldn’t find anything which met my standards, so I took my passion and experience and started Tour Italy Now.

With my background in Italian tourism and my wife Priscila’s impressive planning and logistical skills we’re able to create your perfect Italian vacation.

So whether you’re looking for a charming Tuscan villa turned bed and breakfast or a hip new modern hotel in downtown Milano… you’re going to experience Italy exactly the way you’ve always wanted to. Because at Tour Italy Now we pride ourselves on our personal touch.

Priscila, or one of her personally trained travel experts, is going to take the time to talk with you, answer your questions and figure out exactly what will make this trip into your absolute dream vacation.

Whatever your budget, however long you want to travel and wherever you want to visit … we’ll create the perfect vacation plan for you.

On your trip you’ll feel confident knowing everyone taking care of you, whether it’s your bus driver, tour guide or the hotel staff is friendly, competent and professional . . .

And if absolutely anything does go wrong, you’re going to have someone to call.


And I’ll make sure your problem is fixed before it has a chance to ruin your trip. I want to give you the gift of the perfect Italian experience. Just like we’ve done for some many others…

“My husband and I had the most wonderful vacation ever. Your company deserves a big A+. Thank you so much for our dream trip!” – Becky Jimenez

"The private transfers were definitely a great bonus and the hotels were all really nice and in great locations… Thanks for all your help, we loved the trip!” – Elisabeth Patrick

"We were very well taken care of at every step" – Mike Rossi

So go ahead right now and fill out your name and information in the contact forms.

Priscila, or one of our travel experts, will contact you within 24 hours to set up your totally free consultation. This will be your chance to ask any and all questions you might have about traveling to Italy and for us to learn exactly what you want from your dream Italian vacation. In about a day, you’ll receive your free customized itinerary showing your dream vacation turned into reality.

So take the first step towards your perfect totally stress free Italian vacation by putting your name and contact information into one of our forms and we’ll take care of everything else.

We’ll even send you our “Insider Italy Vacation Checklist” right away.

Your dream trip to Italy is closer than you think and we at Tour Italy Now are excited about making it come true for you. So just fill out the form next to this video e…

Ci vediamo in Italia… We’ll see you in Italy. Arrivaderci!