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Virtual Italy Tour of Montepulciano

Overview of Montepulciano

Located in the southern part of Tuscany, in Siena, is this small hilltop town of Montepulciano. This medieval town is a known all around the world for its wine. This town that sits on a 605 meter high ridge is well known for its Vino Nobile, which is a red wine that has gained the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita status. It is also a producer of cheese, pasta, honey, lentils, and pork.

Panoramic View of Montepulciano and Its Horizon

Panoramic View of Montepulciano and Its Horizon

Aside from food and drink, Montepluciano is also a tourist destination that local as well as foreign visitors love to go to. The town has a number of notable tourist spots that are a source of pride of residents, which include churches, palaces, museums, and many more. It is also a town that uses its high vantage point to its advantage, giving everyone fantastic views of the valleys below.

Where to Go and What to See

Montepulciano is visited by many for their fine wine however this is not the only reason why droves of people come here every year. This town in Tuscany also has a few places that appeal greatly to tourists and these include the following:

Palazzo Comunale – This Gothic-style palatial building is designed by Michelozzo di Bartolomeo Michelozzi, who is an Italian sculptor and architect best known for designing the Palazzo Medici Riccardi which is located in Florence. The Palazzo Comunale is, in fact, reminiscent of this other structure in Florence. This structure in Montepulciano is used as the town hall and has a tower that gives you great views of the surrounding towns and cities.

Museo Civico & Pinacoteca Crociani – This civic museum features a number of important works of art that include the works some of Italy’s greatest artists. The artwork you can see here include the Madonna with Child and two Angels by Maestro di Badia a Isola, Nativity on wood by Sienese painter Benvenuto di Giovanni, and more.

Duomo of Montepulciano – also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, this place of worship is a 16th century edifice that has an unfinished façade and belfry. Designed by Ippolito Scalza, this cathedral was built in the years between 1586 and 1680, with classic Florentine influences in the interiors, showing an elegant yet austere look.

What to Do

When you visit a town, you do more than just see the sights. You also get to enjoy the company of good people, enjoy great food, and imbibe amazing wine, as is the case in most of the places in Italy. In Montepulciano, aside from the notable Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, you also get to enjoy these:

Antipasto Plate in Montepulciano

Antipasto Plate in Montepulciano

Watch the sunset while sipping wine and enjoying antipasti – Nothing beats a day of sightseeing like a relaxing on a comfortable couch, sipping a glass or two of fine wine, and feasting on antipasto plates in one of the fine restaurants here. Add to this great jazz music in the background and fine art around you, and you have the perfect end to a long day of exploring the sights of Montepulciano.

Have a hearty dinner of bistecca alla fiorentina – Going around town on foot (which is basically what you do when you explore the churches, palaces, and piazzas of any Italian town) can work up an appetite and what better way to satisfy such a hunger than with a thick, chargrilled, T-bone steak? One of the best restaurants to get this thick and juicy slab of meat is at Osteria Acquacheta. To ensure that you do have a table here at dinner time, book ahead.

Montepulciano is a stop that you should always consider adding to your list of places to visit when you are in Tuscany, particularly if you get to Siena, which is where this town in located.