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Virtual Tour of Padova

The city is the economic and communication hub of the Veneto region in Northern Italy. Padova is surrounded by the Bacchiglione and Brenta Rivers, and the Euganaean Hills inspiring and admired by Petrach, Foscolo, Lucan, Shelley and Shakespeare. The city is also the home of the University of Padua which hosts Galilei as one of its lecturers.

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Sant’ Antonio Basilica

Called Il Santo by locals, the basilica is a famous pilgrimage site by people from different parts of the globe. Sant’ Antonio acquired a combination of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles all throughout its existence from the 11th century until the 17th century. Meanwhile, its domes were elevated giving it a Byzantine look. The Basilica’s baroque Treasury Chapel is the home of the relics of St. Anthony. The chapel’s interior and high reliefs were made by Tullio Lombardo and the 16th century statues were created by Tiziano Aspetti. The Basilica is also the home to important Marian images which includes: Madonna Mora statue, the 14th century Madonna del Pilastro fresco. Aside from these it also houses the Briosco Easter candelabrum masterpiece, Donatello’s bronze Madonna with Child. Six statues of Saints and the reliefs which depict the life of St. Anthony, the 14th century frescoed walls made by da Zevio which portrays the stories of St. James and the Crucifixion and the tomb of Gattamelata and son in the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament.

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