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Virtual Italy Tour of Palermo

The city of Palermo is Sicily’s cultural and regional capital. It is world famous for its historical, cultural and gastronomy heritage. Tourists continue to be in awe with its 2,700 years of existence which is visible with the city’s Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance art and architecture. The city’s churches and palaces have magnificent structures and art works and its museums house 2,700 years worth of artifacts. Its opera houses are noted for its architectural design and the performance of Italian artists. The city’s piazzas and botanical garden are also worth visiting.

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Palermo Cathedral

The Palermo Cathedral is one of the city’s famous landmarks. The Cathedral is composed of a magnificent architectural complex which includes the Cathedral itself, towers and the Archbishop Palace. The façade of the Cathedral shows different architectural styles because of its long history from the 12th century and its succeeding renovations, restorations and alterations until the 18th century. The Cathedral is also the home of religious treasures like the 13th century Madonna mosaic, 15th century Madonna in the niche, and the works of Antonio Gambara, Francesco Miranda, Francesco Laurana and Antonello Gagini. Other treasures include vestments, goblets, monstrances and the golden tiara of Constance of Sicily. Royalties and artists are also buried in the crypt of the Cathedral. The Cathedral also has the relics of Saints Christina, Ninfa, Cosma, Agatha and Mamilianus. Add to these, the Cathedral has a 17th century heliometers which is used to measure time and date.

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