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Virtual Italy Tour of Rome

There’s no other city in the world which comes close to Rome. It may no longer be caput mundi (capital of the world), but the city is the silent witness to great empires and magnificent masterpieces. One visit and you’ll be hooked.

Enjoy this 3D tour of Rome – The Eternal City!

The Colosseum

It is one of Rome’s most distinctive landmarks. This famous elliptical amphitheater is located in the very center of Rome along the Piazza del Colosseo. Considered to be one of the greatest Roman architecture and Roman Engineering, it was built in 72 AD and was designed to feature fight-to-the death combats between gladiators and between gladiators and wild animals. The Colosseum was also used to stage re-enactments of classical mythology dramas and was later on used as quarters for a religious order, a fortress, quarry, housing and workshops.

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