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Virtual Italy Tour of Taormina

The breathtaking beaches and warm sea water of Taormina along the east coast of Sicily makes it a popular tourist place since the 19th century. Aside from its beaches, the city is also the home of archaeological sites of the Arx, the magnificent structure of Naumachia and the ruins of a Greek ancient theater. Like with other Italian cities and towns, portions of a temple were also converted to the church of San Pancrazio. The following structures also draw tourists: the 13th century Cathedral, the 10th century Palazzo Corvaja, the 17th century baroque fountain and the Anglican Church of Saint George. Its scenic landscape, nature reserve and its seaside attracts intellectuals, writers and artists like D.H. Lawrence, Charles Webster Leadbeater, Jiddu Krishnamurti and Halldor Laxness among others. Taormina also hosts the annual Taormina Film Festival and the Giuseppe Sinopoli Festival.

Mount Etna

It is usually called the beautiful mountain; Mount Etna is an active volcano in the eastern coast of the island of Sicily. It is classified as a stratovolcano which means it has moderately cool lava temperatures and has a number of opening, as such, nobody knows where the next eruption will be. The lands which surround the mountain have fertile volcanic soils which make the vineyards and orchards productive. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy the flora and fauna of the mountain which includes oak, stone pine, beech and birch in its forests. It is also the home for a number of species of frogs, turtles, foxes, squirrels, weasels, hare, hedgehogs and wild cats. Owls, falcons and even eagles fly over its skies. Its Lake Gurrida has herons and migratory birds. A beautiful rock formation can be seen on the mountain’s Alcantara Gorge area near Taormina’s Route 185. Did you know that the first decade of the third millennium already witness yearly eruption, except in 2006.


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