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Virtual Italy Tour of Taormina

Overview of Taormina

The breathtaking beaches and warm sea water of Taormina along the east coast of Sicily has made it a popular tourist place since the 19th century, even to this day. This comune is one of the favorites of both local and international visitors alike for many reasons, one of which is its pristine beaches facing the Ionian Sea. These include the Isola Bella, which is an island in the middle of the water across from some of the resorts and beaches on the southeastern side of the comune.Greek Theater in Taormina with Mount Etna in the DistanceAs with most towns and cities in Sicily, Taormina traces its roots back to the time before Greeks ever inhabited this island, which is why there are many ruins and relics that date back to before that period in time. This makes the town of Taormina a very interesting place to visit since it gives you not only resorts to enjoy but also historical spots to explore and history to relish.

Where to Go and What to See

The town of Taormina has a number of tourist attractions that bring more than just resort and beach goers to its shores. The top sights in this part of Sicily include churches, Greek ruins, welcoming piazzas, and religious sites. Here are some of the places you should consider visiting here:Teatro Greco – These ruins in Taormina is one of the many notable Grecian ruins in Sicily and is one that many people love taking pictures of. The perfect horseshoe shape of this old teatro and with Mount Etna looming in the distance, makes for a breathtaking view that combines something that man has made and something that nature has made. This teatro was built in 3rd century BC and is said to be the most dramatically placed Greek theater in the entire world.Chiesa San Giuseppe – This church is called a jewel-box church primarily because of its shape which resembles a jewelry box. Completed in the 1700s, this church has the Baroque design that was famous during those years, with its central portal and small side portals that is pretty much similar to the design of most churches in those years. The Church of St. Joseph in Taormina faces the main square of the town, which is the Corso Umberto I, and stands beside a great bell tower which has Taormina stone as its base.

What to Do

Apart from enjoying the sandy beaches and exploring the old buildings as well as ruins in this town, there are a few other things you can enjoy doing in Taormina. Here are some of them:Corso Umberto I in TaorminaWhile Away the Time at Corso Umberto I – After soaking in the sun and enjoying the sand as well as the surf of the beaches here, you might want to take a leisurely stroll in the town’s pedestrian friendly main thoroughfare. You can check out the many souvenirs and local items that are being sold at the shops on this street. You can also enjoy a lot of local treats here, like gelato and local pastries. This part of town is also where you will find the nightlife, with live music and people hanging out simply enjoying each other’s company.Wonder at the Natural Beauty of Alcantara Gorge – This is something you need to allocate a little time to since it takes about 40 minutes by bus to get to the gorge from Taormina, and a bit more time walking to get to the top of the gorge. When you get there however, allocating that time to enjoy this natural wonder is going to be worth it. Not only will you be able to appreciate the breathtaking power of nature that carved this hidden gem, but you can also enjoy the cool waters in it with a dip.Coming to Taormina may be something people do in order to enjoy the resorts and beaches here but you can go one step further and absorb not only the sun and the sea breezes, but also the history and the culture of the place. Getting here can be easily done with a packaged trip that covers the entire island of Sicily, which can include stops at Palermo, Siracusa, and even Erice.