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Weather in Italy What’s the weather in Italy you’re thinking? The best time to enjoy Italy’s climate is from April through June and mid-September through October, when the temperatures during the day are about 70 degrees. Summer in Italy can be quite hot (especially in Venice, where the air doesn’t seem to move) and crowded, but if that’s the only time you can visit, the weather should not deter you.

You may just want to do as the Romans do and head for the beach. Winters in the north can be cold – especially near the Alps – but visitors may experience balmy days in Naples and Sicily even near Christmas. It rarely snows south of Rome, except for some locations in the mountains. If your journey takes you to the mountains at any time of the year, be sure to bring warmer clothing for the evenings when it can be damp and chilly.

Want to avoid the crowds on the famed Amalfi Coast? Go during May or early June. Want to experience the real Venice in real Italy weather? Go during the winter, but expect massive crowds during Carnevale. Weatherwise, there really is no wrong time to experience Italy and repeat visitors like to vary the time of the year they travel here.

No matter what the weather, an escorted tour of Italy will always provide memories that last a lifetime!


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