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Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games

Turin 2006 XXth Winter Olympic Games

From the 10th to 26th February 2006

In June 1999 the International Olympic Committee elected Torino (Turin), Italy, as the host for the 20th Winter Olympic Games in 2006.

Turin beat a total of five candidate cities, including:
Helsinki (Finland)
Klagenfurt (Austria)
Poprad-Tatry (Slovak Republic)
Sion (Switzerland)
Zakopane (Poland)

Torino (Turin), once the capital of Italy (until 1945), is a fantastic city that is often overlooked because of Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan.

“Turin is transforming itself from a faded industrial powerhouse (home to Fiat) into a city capable of impressing the world as host to the 2006 Winter Olympics.” – New York Times, 2005

However, with all the first class resorts within driving distance to the mountains, there is no question why Torino (Turin) will be hosting this years unforgettable Winter Games. Most sports will take place within the city limits of Torino (Turin), while all of the Alpine sports will occur just outside the city in various resorts.

“Turin is, quite simply, the most magnificent baroque city in Europe.” – The Sunday Times (January 12, 2004)


  • 82 medals will be given over a period of 17 days
  • 2,550 athletes and 1,400 officials from 80 National Olympic Committees will be housed in 3 Olympic Villages: Torino, Bardonecchia and Sestriere
  • Seven sports will be presented: Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Curling, Ice Hockey, Luge, Skating, and Skiing
  • Eight competition sites: Bardonecchia, Pinerolo, Pragelato, Cesana-Pariol, Cesana-San Sicario, Sauze d’Oulx, Sestriere, Torino, joined by 2 training centers at Claviere and Torre Pellice
  • 650 judges and referees will participate in the Games.
  • 9,600 journalists and media operators are expected to cover the Games.

The 20th Olympic Winter Games will be held in Torino (Turin) and the surrounding area from February 10, 2006 to February 26, 2006. 2500 athletes from all over the world will compete over 17 days for medals and bragging rights in 15 different disciplines.

Events & Locations

Events will take place in 7 different Piedmont locations. There will be limited access to the events for security reasons. Official Olympic shuttles and cars will transport spectators to and from the train stations and central points. If you stay outside of Torino (Turin), you may what to rent your own car or arrange private transportation to get you to the official Olympic transportation hubs. Tour Italy Now can help you with all your travel need for the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Here’s the breakdown or events by location:

Turin / Torino

Right in the heart of Torino (Turin) the 2006 Winter Olympics will hold some of the most popular of sports. Torino (Turin) claims to be the birthplace of Italian skiing. 1896 was when a pair of skis were worn for the first time in Italy. The first international skiing competitions were organized in the Olympic Mountains soon after.

Events in Turin / Torino:
  • Ice Hockey
  • Figure Skating
  • Speed Skating
  • Short Track Speed Skating

    Approximately 50 miles west of Torino (1 hour)
    Near the French border, Bardonecchia was established in 1934 as one of the country’s first ski towns. However Bardonecchia now has some of the most popular resorts. This medieval town will take your breath away with the cobblestone roads and weekly markets.

    Event in Bardonecchia:
  • Snowboarding

    Cesana / San Sicario
    Approximately 50 miles west of Torino (1 hour, 15 minutes)
    Located right in the renowned Upper Valley skiing district, the spectacular view of the peak of Chaberton to the prodigious Batteria di Torri to the Monti della Luna versant. The different ski paths will let you trek the trails to the Clot Foiron lakes.

    Events in Cesana / San Sicario:
  • Biathlon
  • Women’s Alpine Skiing Time Trials:
  • Downhill
  • Combined Downhill
  • Super-G
  • Bobsled (Pariole-Greniere)
  • Luge (Pariole-Greniere)
  • Skeleton (Pariole-Greniere)


    Approximately 15 miles southwest of Torino (20 minutes)
    Crafty little shop windows, stately arcades and friendly local residents characterize Pinerolo. The Cottian Alps and the silhouette of Monviso surround this peaceful part of Italy.

    Event in Pinerolo:
  • Curling


    Approximately 45 miles west of Torino (1 hour, 20 minutes)
    At the foot of Mount Albergian, this small community offers excellent downhill/cross-country ski.

    Events in Pragelato:
  • Ski Jump
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Combined Nordic (Freestyle and Slalom skiing)

    Sauze d’Oulx

    Approximately 47 miles west of Torino (1hour)
    Sauze d’Olux will be one of the most popular places in the 2006 winter Olympics offering more than 25 ski lifts covering over 60 miles of slopes covered in snow. Ski routes start at peaks that rise more than 8200 feet in Triplex, Genevris and the Moucrons mountains. Sauze d’Olux’s shops and narrow streets will help tourist discover the quant town center of Sauze.

    Event in Sauze d’Oulx:
  • Freestyle Skiing


    Approximately 54 miles west of Torino (1 hour, 15 minutes)
    Sestriere has every kind of winter sports one can ever imagine. This town has some of the most fascinating ski slope you could ever imagine. There is over 75 miles of complex trials for skiers to take advantage of. This district spans from Sises, Banchetta and Faiteve mountains.

    Events in Sestriere:
  • Alpine Skiing (most events)
  • Downhill
  • Slalom
  • Giant Slalom
  • Super G
  • Combined Nordic (Freestyle and Slalom skiing)

    Piedmont before the 2006 Winter Olympics

    If you haven’t already organized travel to Piedmont before the 2006 Winter Olympics you should. Whether you are a sport fanatic or a wine enthusiast it’s a terrific place to visit in the winter months. Tour Italy Now’s travel experts would love to help you customize the perfect winter vacation to Piedmont and the 2006 Winter Olympics that will be sure to create a lifetime of memories.

    We look forward to serving you as your one-stop vacation and information portal for travel to Italy and this year’s 2006 Winter Olympics.